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25 Awesome Summer Bucket List Ideas

December 28, 2013 No Comments

Giant life to-do lists are kind of a trend these days, but they’re popular for good reason. Having an ambitious, interesting, motivational list of things you want to do before you (or your intended timeframe) “kick the bucket” can be a fun source of inspiration. Your summer bucket list could be a bunch of things to do in any one summer, or you may want to spread the fun over a few years. It’s up to you! Here are 25 awesome summer bucket list ideas for you to get started.

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20 Funny and Sweet Love Quotes for Him

December 26, 2013 No Comments

There is nothing in the world quite like being in love. When you love someone, the way you see and experience the world changes, from the sounds you hear to the things you think about to the very sensations you have in your chest cavity. If the object of your affection is male, you may enjoy these 20 funny and sweet love quotes for him.

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15 Inspirational Sayings About Life

December 24, 2013 No Comments

We’ve all got thoughts on life – probably because we’re all in the middle of living our own lives. Sometimes it can be helpful to read the thoughts of other people who have also commented on life. Finding inspiration in the words of other people – people who lived their lives with greatness and accomplished big things – can be easy to do when we’re willing to listen. Here are 15 inspirational sayings about life that might offer you a new approach to this one fantastic life you’ve got.

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