2 Natural Remedies for Arthritis Relief

Ingredients 1/4 cup (60ml) Hot Chili and Mustard Foot Oil 5 tsp (20 g) beeswax 30 drops peppermint essential oil

1/4 cup (60ml) Hot Chili and Mustard Foot Oil
5 tsp (20 g) beeswax
30 drops peppermint essential oil
30 drops rosemary essential oil

1. Pour the oil into the top of a double boiler. Add the beeswax. Place over a pan of hot water and heat gently, stirring occasionally, until the wax melts. Take off the heat and allow to cool.

2. Just as a “skin” begins to appear on the surface of the oil, add the peppermint and rosemary oils using a dropper. Mix well. Pour the mixture into a sterilized dark glass jar. Allow to cool before putting on the lid.

USE Apply twice daily to affected areas, remembering to wash hands after use.
CAUTION: This oil is hot, so keep away from eyes and other sensitive areas.

STORAGE Keeps for up to 6 months.

Cabbage Leaf Poultice

Cabbage leaf has been used for centuries for swelling, ulcers, sprains, and strains. In one Swiss hospital, patients with rheumatoid arthritis have their swollen joints wrapped at night in cabbage leaves to help reduce joint swelling and pain.

1. Savoy cabbages work best. To make your own poultice: Take some cabbage leaves, cut out the central rib, lay them flat on a chopping board, and bash with a rolling pin until the juices start to come out. Then place the leaves over the swollen joints and wrap a gauze bandage around the joint to keep the leaves in place.

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The information in this feature should not be substituted for, or used to alter, medical therapy without your doctor’s advice. For a specific health problem, consult your physician for guidance. Before using any of these remedies, especially if you have an existing medical condition, or are pregnant or breast-feeding, check with your physician. Some herbs may interact with prescription drugs, including the Pill and antidepressants; always do a 24-hour skin test before using. The publishers and author cannot accept responsibility for any damage incurred as a result of any of the therapeutic methods contained in this work.

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