10 Brilliant Concealer Tricks Every Makeup-Wearing Woman Must Know

Updated: Feb. 10, 2017

The pros discuss their favorite application tips.


Choose the right formula

Because the skin around your eyes is much more delicate than the rest of your face, you’ll want to find two different concealer formulas: one for under-eye circles and another for acne blemishes, scars, and rosacea. For the under-eye area, choose an oil-based liquid or cream formula. For other blemishes, choose an opaque formula you can apply with a pointed brush. These makeup tricks can help you fake flawless skin.


Find the perfect shade

Choosing a shade that is too dark is the most common faux pas, says celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic on Total Beauty. “When the concealer is too dark, setting it with powder will only make it darker, which makes the spot you’re trying to cover look like a muddy patch of skin,” he says. That said, you’ll also want to choose a formula with an undertone that supports the type of color correction you need. Use color theory as your guide; colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel cancel each other out. For example, use a formula with yellow undertones to neutralize bluish under-eye circles; one with peachy undertones to neutralize brown or yellow circles; and a green-based formula to counteract redness.


Prep the eye

Prevent concealer from settling into fine lines and wrinkles by prepping the eye with eye cream. Pat the cream under the eye and onto the lid. Allow to sink in for at least one minute before applying makeup. Apply foundation next, and concealer on top. Here are more ways to use makeup to make your eyes pop.

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Create a V shape under the eye

Instead of tapping dots of concealer into the shape of a half moon under the eye, apply it in the shape of a V. “This gives your eyes a more lifted look,” Marcus Monson, national celebrity makeup artist for Guerlain, told newbeauty.com. For days you don’t need as much coverage, use a pointed brush to dab three dots of concealer under each eye, and blend the formula with the pad of your finger. Use a tapping motion to blend—a smearing motion will spread the formula too thin, and could harm the delicate skin around your eye.

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Do this to avoid creases

“For perfectly creaseless concealer (especially on crepey lids and under-eye circles), I recommend applying concealer with your ring finger and softening the edges with a non-greasy lip balm. It creates a soft focus blur around the eye area and keeps dry, thin skin nice and hydrated,” Lori Leib, makeup artist and create director of Bodyography Cosmetics, told Allure. If you notice creases start to develop halfway through your day, revitalize your concealer with a dab of eye cream. Here’s how to apply makeup to look less tired and more alert.


Create a dewy finish

“For a supernatural finish after applying your concealer, wet your fingers with a dab of water and press it down into the skin. Or for best results use a damp cosmetic sponge,” Georgi Sandev, a celebrity makeup artist, told Allure.


Conceal a pimple or blemish like this

Avoid adding even more bacteria to a pimple or blemish by applying concealer with a (clean!) pointed brush, as opposed to your finger. Dip the tip of the brush into an opaque formula and dab the concealer right onto the mark. Sweep the brush across the pimple to blend, and set with loose powder. These are sneaky reasons you could be having an acne breakout.


Try this trick to conceal a tattoo

If your tattoo is on the smaller side (say, under three or four inches), you might be able to conceal it for a short amount of time with concealer. Begin by applying a special tattoo primer to skin. Next, apply two to three layers of concealer with a damp sponge. Set the concealer with translucent powder and dust highlighter on top to add a natural glow back to skin.


Don’t stop with your eyes

Although you’ll want separate formulas for your eyes and blemishes, many makeup artists say these products can work double time. Use concealer as a base for eyeshadow, or to highlight the area underneath your brows and down the bridge of the nose. You can even use concealer to outline your lips after applying a bright lip color. That way, you’ll get a crisp line and ensure the color stays within bounds all day.


Set everything with loose powder

To keep concealer in place and shine-free all day, use a velour powder puff to apply loose translucent powder. Use a blotting motion as opposed to a sweeping one, which could remove foundation and concealer.

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