Face and Body Care

Face and body care is essential in living a healthy, happy life. Read about caring for your face, stretch marks, cellulite and more.

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9 Expert-Approved Best Foundations That Actually Improve Your Complexion

Skin experts offer tips on how to find the best foundation to improve your complexion without clogging your pores or...

This Is Exactly What You Should Be Eating to Smell Better, According to Science

If your B.O. smells more sour than sexy, here's what you need to do to smell a little sweeter.

Get Your Beauty Sleep! 15 Ways to Get Gorgeous Overnight

What if you could soften your hair, whiten your teeth, clear your skin, fade scars, and more, all while catching...

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7 Simple Steps to Take Tomorrow Morning for Your Best Skin Ever

Starting each day with these expert-approved morning skincare steps can help guarantee a dewy glow.

Which One Works Best—Body Butter, Body Lotion, or Body Oil?

We're demystifying the differences between our favorite moisturizing products, so you can grab the right bottle, tube, or tub at...

10 Exfoliating Habits That Could Do Serious Damage to Your Skin

Do you exfoliate randomly? Do you napalm your face daily? These are the exfoliating mistakes you're probably making—and the fixes...

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7 Reasons to Consider Trying a Natural Deodorant

Looking for a greener alternative to conventional deodorants and antiperspirants? Here's why you should consider using natural deodorants.

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10 Deodorant Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

For better personal hygiene, try to avoid these common deodorant mistakes—from applying it in layers to not applying it at...

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Lip Plumping Products Are Everywhere, But Do They Actually Work?

If the beauty trend has you looking to kick up your kisser, here's what you need to know about the...

7 Reasons Your Lips Are Chapped—and How to Heal Them

Unless you know why your lips keeps getting dry and cracked, you'll be a slave to lip balm all winter...

What the Heck Is a Hydrating Mist and Why Would I Need It?

Think only plants like to be misted? Your face begs to differ.

Should You Be Buying Your Skin Care Products from a Dermatologist?

You trust your doctor to help with all your skin care concerns, but does that extend to buying products he...

The Winter Skin Care Step You’re Skipping—But Shouldn’t!

Do you know about essences? Here's why you'll want to start using one ASAP.

8 Good Reasons You Should Take a Cold Shower This Morning

If you think dumping icy water over your head sounds crazy, you're far from alone. But a growing body of...

Have You Been Using Expired Beauty Products this Whole Time? Here’s When to Toss Them

Is it gross and germy now? How about now? Here's the timeline for when to clean or toss the key...

8 Popular Beauty Myths—Finally Debunked

Does shaving make hair grow back thicker? Will toothpaste treat blemishes? It's time to put these old wives' tales to...

11 Amazing Uses of Argan Oil for Health and Beauty

From skin to hair to lips, these argan oil benefits prove that the stuff is like liquid gold.

12 Magical Makeup Tricks to Make Scars, Spots, and Dark Circles Disappear

Self-conscious about imperfections on your face? We got makeup artists to reveal their full-coverage game plan.

Here’s What Your Skincare Routine Should Look Like if You Have Oily Skin

These steps can help stop excess shine and acne breakouts to achieve that perfect glow.

8 Sneaky Ways Not Getting Enough Sleep Affects Your Looks

Consistently putting sleep on the back burner can make you look older and have long-term effects on your looks.

18 Ways Your Makeup Might Be Making You Sick

Makeup might make you feel pretty, but if you're not careful, the products you use and way you use them...

12 Tricks to Avoiding That Dreaded Winter Pallor

Winter white may be a hot wardrobe trend, but on your face? Not so much. Here's how to combat dull,...

7 Spices Worth Adding to Your Beauty Routine

These spices do more than make your food taste good—they give you glowing skin and healthy hair. Read on to...

The Healthiest Temperature for Your Shower, According to Science

Nothing is quite as indulgent as a steaming hot shower on a frosty winter day, but to be kind to...

This One Skin-Care Move Will Keep Your Face Glowing All Winter Long

Harsh weather makes us look pale and sallow, and severely dries out our skin. Fortunately, there's a way to stay...

Dermatologists Swear By These 11 Winter Foods for Healthy, Radiant Skin

You can load up on lotions, but healthy skin starts with the food you put in your body. Here, the...

10 Surprisingly Helpful Tricks to Fight Dry Skin this Fall and Winter

When there's cold air outside and heat cranking inside, you need more than a good moisturizer to keep skin soft...