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12 Worst Pieces of Beauty Advice You Can Safely Ignore

From radical procedures to ridiculous tips, beauty pros tell us the absurd advice clients have heeded and the expert tricks to fix the fallout.

Bad advice: Burn off your split ends

Would you ever let a flame anywhere near your hair? Women have actually been advised to repair split ends by twisting their hair and burning the tips with a candle. “This is not only dangerous, but can accidentally singe off more hair than desired,” warns Sunnie Brook Jones, Head & Shoulders celebrity stylist. It’s also a potential fire hazard! A better way to lessen hair breakage and split ends, according to Brook Jones: Limit your use of heated styling tools and get more frequent trims from your stylist. Don’t miss these other strand slip-ups you could be making.

Bad advice: Mayonnaise fights frizz

When Sunnie Brook Jones heard this fallacy from a client, she laughed. “Static is caused by lack of moisture in the hair. Mayo will just leave your hair oily and smelly.” Brook Jones is a huge fan of moisturizing hair with rich shampoo and conditioner, such as Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care. “It locks in moisture and protects your scalp and strands.” Another hydrating formula is Julien Farel Vitamin Restore, which replenishes the hair and scalp with hyaluronic acid and proprietary anti-aging technology. Or try these home remedies for dry, damaged hair. Sounds better than squeezing a sandwich condiment on your head.

Bad advice: Deeper shades of blush are trending

“Unless you’re going as Madonna circa 1980 for Halloween, contouring with blush can date a makeup look as well as give an unnatural and harsh appearance to the face,” says Janeena Billera, glo Senior Makeup Artist and Educator. If you want a more sculpted cheek, go for a a seamless transition between shades, Billera suggests. First, apply a light sweep of bronzer to cheekbones; then blend blush in upward strokes for a more natural look. These makeup tricks can help slim your face.

Bad advice: Yellow yolks brighen blonde hair

“I’m not into putting raw eggs on anything, let alone my hair,” says Kaitlin Corsaro, Redken Artist & Brand Ambassador and a stylist at Jon Lori Salon in Fair Haven, New Jersey. She was shocked when one of her clients refused a hair mask because she was told masks will weigh down blonde or highlighted hair, but not eggs and mayo because these items will add moisture and hydration. Since maintenance is essential for blonde locks, Corsaro suggests applying Redken Blonde Idol Mask or Redken Blonde Idol BBB Spray for beautiful highlighted hair.

Bad advice: SPF doesn’t work in the winter

“I really only wear sunscreen in the summer,” or “I don’t need to wear sunscreen because my skin doesn’t burn.” Anna De La Cruz, glo Director of Brand Development says hearing statements like this are like nails on a chalkboard to an aesthetician—”so painful!” The truth is that we should wear sunblock all year long. The sun is the number 1 cause of skin damage and premature aging as well as skin cancer. Let’s face it, the sun’s rays don’t retire to Florida in the winter, even if they don’t feel as strong. Check out the other sunscreen myths that make dermatologists cringe.

Bad advice: Fake a face tan with foundation

Here’s a tip: You aren’t fooling anyone by going a shade darker than your skin tone. “Too deep of a foundation shade applied to the entire face can give the skin a flat appearance,” Billera says. “Following it up with a dark bronzer just makes matters worse, as any chance of accentuating a natural looking dimension or highlight is completely gone. Not to mention, it looks like a complete mismatch of skin color from face to neck.” The best approach is to visit a makeup professional for the correct color match, or use these pro tips to take your complexion from ghostly to glowing.

Bad advice: Want pin-straight hair? Iron it.

The burn-factor is obvious if you’re borrowing an iron from the laundry room. But even if you’re using a flat iron improperly, there will be consequences. “Clients will use a flat iron on hair not protected with a product,” says John W. Sickles, owner of the Jon Lori Salon. “It is imperative to use a heat protecting product to avoid burning the hair.” Try Kérastase Thermique or PK Prep Perfecting Spray.

Bad advice: Take a shot for plump lips

As part of the #KylieJennerLipChallenge, the reality star’s fans are attempting to get fuller lips by placing a shot glass around their lips and sucking the oxygen out of it. While the cupping fad is all the rage, medical experts are not on board. Dendy Engelman, MD, a board certified dermatologic surgeon told Seventeen, “Not only can significant pain, swelling, and bruising result from these suction techniques, but there is potential risk for scarring and permanent disfigurement with repeated attempts.” Play it safe by using these makeup tricks to fake a plumper pout.

Bad advice: Crush cookies for mascara

Using Oreo crumbs as makeup is not the DIY eye candy you should be looking for. A trending video demonstrates how to use crushed Oreos, rubbing alcohol and eye primer to create cheap mascara. Sounds more like a recipe for disaster and another trend to steer clear of. Instead, use these simple makeup tricks to make your eyes pop.

Bad advice: Art pencil eyeliner and lipliner

This two-in-one trick sounds like a genius money- and time-saving makeup trick until you get the huge medical bill from the ER for shredding your eyes and lips. Instead of opting to be a guinnea pig for this beauty hack, Billera suggests investing in a pencil that’s approved for such delicate areas. Especially if you have sensitive skin, treat it with TLC.

Bad advice: You don’t have to wash your face before bed

Wrong! Although many of us are guilty of taking the easy way out at night, De La Cruz says this is a huge mistake. “Failure to wash your makeup off at the end of the day can lead to irritation, dryness, breakouts, and skin aging!” That’s more than enough to give us nightmares. Watch out for the other face-washing mistakes you didn’t realize you were making.

Bad advice: Don’t tweeze north of the eyebrow

One eyebrow expert told Stylecaster, “Some will preach that you must never tweeze the hair above the eyebrow, only beneath, but following this outdated rule will leave the brow shape looking unfinished.” Sounds like it’s better to sometimes think out of the box and do what looks and feels right. Here’s how to sculpt your brows like a pro.

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