7 Nail Polish Colors Every Woman Should Own

Updated: Jun. 01, 2017

From ballet slippers pink to Revlon Red, these are the polishes that belong in your beauty arsenal.

Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

The polishes you’ll need

Collecting nail polishes is a fun hobby—but it can also get expensive. Fortunately, there are only a few colors you really need. That’s why we rounded up the beauty industry’s most timeless shades and most raved about formulas. Gather these polishes first and then make your way to more exotic colors and textures.

Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Cherry red

It’s sexy and it’s sophisticated, but most of all, it’s classic and universally flattering. For a cult-favorite shade that’s stood the test of time, try Revlon Red. This is what your favorite nail polish color reveals about your personality.

Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Professional pink

Whether you’re a blushing bride or need a low-key tone to wear to the office, pearly pink is the perfect hue. Look for one that’s not too sheer and not too pink. Essie Ballet Slippers and Essie Mademoiselle are timeless favorites. This is how to make that mani last longer.

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Natural nude

For a trendier take on a low-key (and low maintenance!) look, try your hand at a basic nude polish. There’s one for every skin tone. We love Butter London’s collection, which includes Hen Party, Yummy Mummy, and Caramel Café—plus every shade in between. These are the things your manicurist is secretly thinking about you.

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Classic navy

The perfect shade to take you from fall to winter, especially when your deep red feels played out? Rich navy. Kings & Thieves by Smith & Cult is a beauty blogger favorite.

Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Vampy red

Wined-colored reds are the It Girl’s nude in that they match pretty much everything. Take a power trip with Essie Bordeaux, the ultimate sophisticated tone. These are the bad habits that absolutely ruin your nails.

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Celebratory metallic

All of the colors listed above are perfect for every day: they’re timeless, chic, and classic. But you’ll also want a polish for those special occasions, a manicure fit for the party of the year. For those nights, try a metallic. If you’re feeling bold, go for full-on glitter (we love Glass Souls by Smith & Cult). For a less eye-catching look, try Essie No Place Like Chrome, the shade that’s trending all over Pinterest.

Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Clean and clear

For weeks you know you might not have time to fix chips or wait for three coats to dry, try a dash of clear polish. It’ll add a subtle shine and protect your nails, all while remaining as low-maintenance as possible. Try an Essie gel top coat to get the look.