The 20 Best Badass Baby Names for Girls and Boys in 2017

In past decades, we’ve seen traditional names, classic names, and “J” names. Parents have named their children after many things including cities and countries, colors, flowers, and heroes. 2016 is the year of the badass baby names. Giving your child a badass name doesn’t mean that your child will grow up to be a bad kid, but he probably won’t be a wallflower. With the recent awareness campaigns against bullying, it’s time for kids to stand up for themselves, and for others.   

The 10 Best Badass Baby Names for Girls in 2017

2016 girls are more than pink swirls and bouncy curls. There are many facets to a girl’s personality. You won’t have to worry about second-guessing the girl with the badass name. She knows who she is and speaks her mind. She has a few good besties and she always sticks to the girl code.


Harlow is an English baby name that translates “meadow of the hares.” What makes Harlow a badass name is that it doesn’t refer to fluffy, little bunnies. Hares tend to be energetic and less social than rabbits. A girl named Harlow knows who she is and isn’t afraid to be her.


The name Saffron comes from the expensive, orange spice made from the stamen of a crocus by the same name. You only need a little when cooking with saffron, because the flavor is intense. Girls named Saffron have strong personalities. Some people can only take them in small doses.


You might think that Cayenne is a Latin name, but actually it’s a French name. Just like it sounds, the girl named Cayenne is hot and spicy.  


We get the beautiful name of Nova from the Native Americans. Think of an olive-skinned girl running across the meadow. In the language of Hopi, it means “chases butterfly.”


Baby girl with names that begin with “Z” are first in the badass category. Zena is a Greek name that means born of Zeus. It’s a badass name that also means welcoming and friendly.


Luna is one of the names of Artemis, the moon goddess in mythology. It’s a Latin name that means moon. The name Luna shines as brightly as the moon that enlightens a dark world.


Zara is another name that might leave school girls the last to be called, but with the Hebrew meaning of “princess,” a girl named Zara won’t stay at the back of the pack.


The name Tempest comes from England. The first part of the name speaks to a temperate nature, but don’t be fooled for long. Tempest means turbulent and stormy.  The name Tempest is for girls that are passionate, but come to reason quickly.


The Spanish claim the name, Tequila. Tequila is a liquor that is distilled from the agave plant. Tequila tends to bring out the real person. A girl named Tequila is the real thing. She doesn’t hide from anyone.


A Latin name that means rustic, Paine is a name that you won’t hear often. You shouldn’t hear it often because it’s badass enough to be used sparingly.

The 10 Best Badass Baby Names for Boys in 2017

In 2017, parents are choosing badass boy names for the some of the same reasons they choose badass girl names. When you strip off the façade that society expects, you get the real boy. He’s still concerned about his education, his career, and moving up in the world. He’s much less likely to worry about how he comes across than what he actually has to say. The 2016 boy with a badass name becomes a badass man. You can’t help but like him anyway.


You’ll recognize the name, Puma, as a large cat, like a cougar or mountain lion. Like the animal it’s a strong hunter that easily adapts to its environment. The name, Puma, means strength and adaptability and that’s what makes it a badass name.


Hunter is an American name that simply means one who hunts. It was one of the original badass names when parents wanting something stronger than Michael and Jason.


Gunther is an old German name that means battle or warrior. Everything old becomes new again and the fortitude of the name Gunther is bringing it back around again.


During the Viking period, Magnus was a popular name with Latin roots. A Norse king was named Magnus, so it’s no surprise that Magnus means “great” or “greatest.” A great boy is a badass boy.


The name Rocket is an American word that turned into an American name. This badass name means jet-propelled. Hip-hop star, Pharrell Williams, named his son Rocket. Pharrell’s wife chose one word from the lyrics of Pharrell’s icons. Pharrell’s favorite musicians are Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Herbie Hancock, and Roy Ayers. The word rocket appears in his icons’ lyrics, so they named him Rocket Ayers.


This is another Americanized name with English roots. The name is its meaning. A boy with the name, Legend, is greater than fiction. Legend is notoriously badass.


The name Kodiak is Russian and American. It means the same thing in both countries—island. In Alaska, it means a really badass grizzly bear. A boy named Kodiak is not afraid of anything.


If you’re Spanish or Portuguese, Primo means cousin. If you’re Italian, Primo means first, or premium, or simply the best. Whether it’s making him a priority or prioritizing family, the name Primo puts him first in the badass category.


Stemming from the English countryside, the name Coltrane means a young, frisky horse. Coltrane is a name for boys who are strong studs in the making. They know just now to have fun.


Meaning guide, wide, or wood, Wyatt is an English baby boy name. Do you remember the wild, west hero, Wyatt Earp? He was one badass frontier lawman. Wyatt lives up to his 2016 name as a badass boy that is sure to become a badass that is a law-abiding citizen.


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