The 20 Best Dance Songs Of All Time (As Of 2018)

Do you want to feel the beat and dance the night away? If so, you must check out these top 20 best dance songs of all time. Get ready to feel the rhythm and bop along to these catchy tunes.

1. Stayin’ Alive
The Bee Gees

When one thinks of the disco era, how can they not think of the Bee Gees chart topping 1977 release? This is the song that helped propel “Saturday Night Fever” to popularity.
2. Salt-N-Pepa
Push It

The famous girl rapper trio Salt-N-Pepa set a new standard for B-Girls everywhere with this 1987 release. Although the song peaked at #19 on the Billboard Top 100, it proved to have true lasting power on the dance floor.
3. 1999

Prince had this song running through a lot of people’s heads. This was the anthem for the transition to a new millennium. It is one way to get the party started regardless of the year.

4. In Da Club
50 Cent

With the beats and the smooth rapping style of 50 Cent, it is not wonder this was one of the chart toppers when it came out. While the lyrics may raise some eyebrows, the flow of the song gets people out on the dance floor.

5. Like A Virgin

A song of sexual awakening that was groundbreaking at the time, it still raises a few eyebrows today. The Material Girl will forever be known for this song.

6. U Can’t Touch This
MC Hammer

This song inspired a whole new way of dancing and created the parachute pants craze. Any dance music fan knows this is a classic and a good way to get even those reluctant to dance, out on the floor.

7. Don’t Cha
Pussycat Dolls

This song is raunchy with a lot of energy. The in your face lyrics and fast beats make it hard to not want to dance to this number.

8. Dancing Queen

It’s hard not to get your groove on when you hear this 70s classic. Although its disco style notes are not heard much now, it still gets people in the mood for a good time.

9. Crazy In Love

Crazy In Love appeared on Beyonce’s 2003 solo debut album. The former Destiny’s Child front woman was clearly trying to tell us something about her growing love for eventual husband Jay-Z who appears in the song with her.

10. Block Rockin’ Beats
The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers introduced a lot of people to the world of electronic music and changing the minds of those that had only heard poor examples. This song was one of the best to crank up when you wanted to test out your sweet new stereo system.
11. Sweet Dreams

This 80s classic was truly ahead of its time in many ways. It is still played in clubs all over the world and has been embraced by a while new generation of dance aficionados. Marilyn Manson and others have covered this classic over the years.
12. Firestarter
The Prodigy

The Prodigy was a 90s phenomenon all to their own. Even if you didn’t seek out electronic music in the 90s it was impossible to not hear this song at least a few times due to all the radio air play it got and the groundbreaking music video.
13. Mambo #5
Lou Bega

When Lou Bega came out with this slick and danceable number it caused more people to be aware of Swing music. The vintage charm of the video and its very danceable rhythms is why it has a place on any top dance song list.
14. Thriller
Michael Jackson

No top dance song list is complete without Michael Jackson. Thriller is a timeless dance song that turned a lot of heads when it was released in 1982. In fact, Michael included a disclaimer in the video about how it was not promoting belief in the supernatural.

15. Walk Like An Egyptian
The Bangles

The Bangles were one of the ultimate girl bands of the 1980s without a doubt. This 1986 single was the first single by an all female group playing their own instruments to top the Billboard charts.
16. Macarena
Los Del Río

The Macarena introduced Latin music to a lot of people. The dance was done by almost everyone it seemed. If you went out to the club anytime this song was popular, you were waiting for it to come on.

17. Waiting For Tonight
Jennifer Lopez

Jenny From The Block released this song to celebrate the new millennium and all the changes and hopes people placed on the future.

18. Hot In Here

Nelly’s song about dancing so hard that you need to take your clothes off was a very hot number back in 2002. Some fans claim that this was one of the last songs from when hip hop was catchy and fun.

19. Baby Got Back

This song was so popular that it was hard to get even grade school kids to not sing it on the bus in the 90s. Before “twerking” was a popular catchphrase, there was Sir-Mix-A-Lot.

20. Livin La Vida Loca
Ricky Martin

This fast dance number made a name for Ricky in the United States and was a staple on any MTV countdown list for over a year when released. Ricky went on to have a successful career but no song he did after had the popularity in the United States that Livin’ La Vida Loca did.

This list is sure to make your dance party the best! Remember to listen to our list of best dance songs the next time you want to sing and dance around the house.


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