Best Induction Cookware Set Reviews (In 2018)

At least twice a month, ads for portable induction hotplates show up on late night television and when the holidays start creeping closer, these ads will turn into infomercials only to show you the magic of induction cooking:  you can place your hand directly on the burner and not get burned.

 Oh!  Yes, those are the least costly method of testing out induction stoves. 

The reason that your hand will not get burned is the same reason that your aluminum, glass and copper pans are useless on this type of heating element:  none of these are magnetic. 

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Induction cooking depends on the magnetic field in order to transfer heat from the burner to the pot. Therefore, you must use cookware that is magnetic. Here are the best induction cookware sets on the market:

Le Creuset 20-Piece Cookware Set – See Verified Buyer Reviews

Le Creuset’s porcelain enameled cast iron products are ranked by everyone— from Oprah Winfrey to professional chefs— as tops in cooking on any surface. The infused enamel provides a non-stick surface for easy clean.  This set comes in a variety of colors and includes  25 recipes for the Cocottes (individual soup servers). 

Unlike most other cookware, Le Creuset enameled cookware can be used on professional gas stoves that heat to over 600-degrees, open flame campfires or grills, electric and gas home stoves and ovens as well as induction cooking ranges or hotplates.

Cast iron is a magnetic property that distributes heat evenly across the entire surface and because of Le Creuset’s flat bottoms, it is equally as suitable for induction burners as for gas or electric.

The cast iron pieces work in induction ovens as well and because the handles are oven safe, you don’t have any interruption in even heating.

Duxtop Professional 17-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set – See Verified Buyer Reviews

For those who love the bling of shiny stainless steel and are not into weight lifting required of cast iron no matter how attractive, Duxtop offers this heavy duty set for the home chef. 

The largest stock pot holds 8 quarts and the largest sauce pan is 2.5 quarts.  Manufactured in 3-layers with an outer and inner layer of stainless steel and the middle one in aluminum, this one is light and retains the magnetism of steel. This is also a more moderately priced set for those on a tighter budget.

Circulon 10-Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set  –  See Verified Buyer Reviews

Circulon is recognized by professional chefs worldwide for its quality products for the home.  You may see this type of cookware on the television shopping channels and in top-line retail outlets, such as Macy’s. 

This is the cookware set for those replacing their current pots and pans but who have a fully outfitted kitchen. This set is also a great starter set for brides and grooms and college graduates going out on their own. 

T-Fal 10-Piece Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Cookware Set  – See Verified Buyer Reviews

T-Fal came of age in the cookware industry with the advent of Teflon coating.  Teflon coating is significantly better quality and thickness in better quality cookware than the “non-stick” cookware available in the big box stores for discount prices.

T-Fal’s cookware is unique because of the heat indicator that becomes bright red when the pan has reached the ideal cooking temperature.

For induction cooking, this indicator also lets you know that the heat is evenly distributed across the pan. 

Gourmet Chef 7-Piece Induction Ready Cookware Set  –  See Verified Buyer Reviews

Gourmet Chef’s offering for induction cookware sets is the lowest priced of the best for 2018.  Is it the same quality as Circulon or Le Creuset?  Of course not.  Will it last as long?  Probably not. 

But, if you only have an induction hotplate (and not a range) and need pans that you can take with you to parties, school meetings and cover dish suppers, that won’t break your heart if they disappear, this is the set for you. 

The glass lids and silicon handles are a nice touch, especially while you’re learning to cook with induction heating. 

Choosing the Product that is Right for You

We’ve presented you with cookware sets for every pocketbook size. If you are only going to use a set for parties where you need to make a fresh dish or cover dish events where you want to keep your hot dish hot without fear of children getting burned by touching the hotplate, choose the set that is most able to cover the jobs you want to do.

 If you need a new set for everyday use, go get the best set you can afford.  Not everything in life has to wait, right?


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