Best Posture Corrector Brace Reviews (In 2017)

Posture corrector braces have been around for hundreds of years and are primarily used for two purposes.

The first and oldest use of this braces is to retrain a person who is slumping most of the time which, if not corrected, can cause injury to the spinal cord. By wearing a back brace, the muscles of the back and spine are retrained while they are supported.

The second and more modern use is to relieve back pain while providing support to the surrounding muscles. In both cases, the brace is used until the correction is made or the pain relieved.

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  1. BeFit24 Medical Grade Corrective Support Brace, Unisex – See Verified Buyer Reviews

Price: $44.95

The BeFit24 gently pulls the shoulders back to relieve the stress on the spine in the upper back and neck area. Made in Europe under the strict codes and regulations of the European Union, the brace is a composition fabrication that is soft and easy to wear.

It is specifically designed for correcting slouching and slumping that is typical of people working on computers all day and are experiencing neck pain and headaches as a result.   The brace is available in sizes XS to XL and in either beige or white. There is a sizing chart to determine the correct size to order on Amazon.


  1. Beizi Posture & Spine Corrector for Children, Teens & Young Adults – See Verified Buyer Reviews
    Price: $35.00

With all the online and inactive activities that are typical of society today, more and more young people are developing bad posture habits and in turn, weakening the back muscles through lack of exercise. There are two main reasons that work together in children to develop poor posture: sitting in school seats all day and/or when they feel that they are inferior and the instinct is to become as small as possible.

The earlier that posture is corrected the more it prevents future spinal disorders such as herniated discs. This brace is recommended to be used for 40 – 60 minutes twice a day until straight posture becomes habitual. It fits waist sizes from 22” to 30”.


  1. NMT Lower Back Brace for Men & Women – See Verified Buyer Reviews
    Price: $39.50

NMT’s brace is FDA and CE (chiropractic association that tests products) approved.  This is more than just a brace to hold your spine firmly in place and correct the way you sit or stand. It uses nanotechnology with magnets to creating muscle stimulation and gentle warmth on the back during use. The brace is not to be used by anyone with a Pacemaker or any woman that is pregnant. It’s available in sizes from Small-Medium with an adjustable length approx. 39” to Large – XX Large with length approximately 51”.


  1. AidBrace Brace Belt for Lower Back Posture Support – See Verified Buyer Reviews
    Price: $29.98 to $35.97

AidBrace uses compression technology to relieve pain in the lower lumbar area, including over the shoulder straps for tighter tension adjustment. The suspender straps are removable if you find them intrusive or uncomfortable.

As with many of the compression products on the market today, this belt is especially good for those who put a lot of stress on back muscles – such as lifting or construction work. It’s available in sizes from Small to XX Large and price is size-dependent.


  1. BraceAbility Posture Brace for Women – See Verified Buyer Reviews
    Price: $29.99

BraceAbility is designed especially for women by women. The description states it can be worn under clothing but you probably don’t want to wear it under sheer blouses or evening wear. Still, it is fabricated for the greatest amount of comfort with soft materials and padded on the shoulders. The figure eight design avoids having any straps under the breast that can make a brace irritating and unusable for women. It’s available in sizes from Small to X-Large at the same price. There’s not many options in terms of Color, though; Color is white only.  It’s ideal for office workers sitting in computer cubicles!


  1. Oppo Clavicle Posture Brace – See Verified Buyer Reviews
    Price: $24.54

Oppo’s posture brace is made of the same type of elastic that is found in elastic bandages.  The only difference is that it is pre-designed to fit around the shoulders with a waistline band that can be adjusted by moving it up or down your torso for the correct amount of tension.

It closes in the front with hook & loop tape that is easy to use by any age. This product is typically used after a collar bone fracture has healed to retrain and correct posture while supporting the affected joints and muscles. In terms of sizes, it’s available from Small to XXX but there is a note that it runs small.

For Temporary Support

Braces are not meant to be worn indefinitely and if pain in neck or back continue, you should seek the advice of a doctor.

However, if you find that you have been slumping or slouching more often and have started noticing head and neck aches occurring while working at your computer, a posture brace can help relieve that pain by correcting your posture.


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