Best Running Compression Socks For Women & Men

Compression socks have been around, but the stigma connected to wearing them outweighed the benefits. As more and more physically active people understand the purpose and value, the more popular these socks have become, especially for runners. If you’ve decided to shake the stigma and try out your first pair of compression socks, then we’ve compiled the information you need to get started. Below you will find the best running compression socks for women and men.

The Benefits of Compression Socks

Some would say the benefits of compression socks are arguable. But those who use them with conviction ascertain that these socks provide protection that reduce and prevent swelling for runners and others that are on their feet all day.  Today’s compression socks are not just for use by those with chronic medical conditions or surgery patients. Man runners find that the socks improve blood circulation, help with muscle aches and pains and provide a degree of warmth on those colder days. Some runners claim that these socks present an added level of protect from scrapes, scratches and insect bites encountered in a variety of outdoor running paths and trails. Plus, after a long run, compression socks aid in muscle recovery.

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Compression Levels

From mild to moderate, firm and heavy, compression levels built into these socks provide different levels of protection and relief. For a mild compression in the 8-15 mmHg range, expect relief from tired aching feet and legs.  A moderate compression pressure of 15 – 20 mmHg is good for long term travel and for the alleviation of pain from varicose veins. This level of compression is also helpful in reducing swelling in in ankles, feet and legs. A firm compression pressure in the range of 20-30 mmHg is good for runners. This firm level of pressures helps with blood circulation during running and is enough to support muscles.  If you think you need a heavy level of compression, it is best to consult with a medical professional before use.

Top Characteristics of Compression Socks for Runners

Good compression socks are made of light weight, durable fabrics. In spite of being light weight, the best socks offer gradual compression, starting with the feet and slowly moving up the leg. The standard compression pressure for runners is in the 20-30 mmHg pressure range. Ideally, good compression socks will also offer a 360 degree knit construction that provides a consistent, powerful pressure all around.

The best socks do what they are designed to do in that they provide for less muscle fatigue, improved blood circulation, supports muscles and aid in preventing injuries or pain from ailments such as shin splints. In terms of materials of construction, the allowance of increased airflow and moisture management is a must.  Look for fabric that consists of a blend of nylon, Lycra, spandex and cotton. Above all, look for comfort and a good fit.

What Are The Best Compression Socks In 2018?

  • Premium Leg Compression Socks
  • A-Swift Performance Compression Socks
  • Compression Socks (1Pair) 20-30mmHG Graduated
  • Go2 Compression Socks for Women and Men
  • Compression Socks (Fun Patterns 20-30mmHG) by CompressionZ
  • Graduated Compression Socks by Kunto Fitness

The Best Running Compression Socks for Men and Women of 2018 

Premium Leg Compression Socks – Read Product Reviews

Made for use by men and women, these compression socks are a favorite because they are very light, a characteristic favorable for runners. The fabric is a nylon and Lycra blend, which is breathable and comfortable for long runs or walks. These socks also offer relief from shin splints and discomfort in the calf and lower leg.  The product comes with a money back guarantee.

A-Swift Performance Compression Socks for Women and Men – Read Product Reviews

We love these athletic compression socks because they are unisex and work for the runner as well as for the person whose job requires long term standing and walking. These jewels are latex free, smooth, comfortable and provide a good fit for men and women.  The socks are made of breathable anti-bacteria, anti-static  material, giving the user all day comfort.

Compression Socks (1Pair) 20-30mmHG Graduated – Read Product Reviews

Compression socks don’t have to be drab as is the case for this colorful brand, even in Argyle Blue. These are suitable for men and women runners and active sports enthusiasts.  These socks reduce muscle strain and fatigue and are made with fabric that is anti-bacteria, odor and static for comfortable, longer use.

Go2 Compression Socks for Women and Men – Read Product Reviews

These compression socks are colorful, comfortable and fully supportive of the athlete and runner. Built to increase circulation and for faster recovery after workouts.  The socks are of made of machine washable nylon, Lycra and spandex and come with a money back guarantee.

Compression Socks (Fun Patterns 20-30mmHG) by CompressionZ –  Read Product Reviews

With the graduated compression technology, the compression starts at the ankle and works up the leg gradually, providing the support and protection that runners need. We love all the right technology wrapped in colorful, non-boring packages. This particular brand promotes better oxygen circulation and reduces muscle fatigue for runners.

Graduated Compression Socks by Kunto Fitness – Read Product Reviews

These socks are great for a variety of activities from running to hiking, golf and tennis.  This brand provides an even application of pressure across the feet and lower legs, providing relief from muscle aches and pains. The socks also provide comfortable support and protective padding. The material used is light, form fitting and breathable.

Compression Socks Blitzu Power+ – Read Product Reviews

These high performance running socks provide great support. Made for men and women, this compression technology combines stability with compression performance. For running, other sports and everyday use, these compression socks have a superior knit structure with all around stretch capability for the ultimate in flexibility and durability.  Plus, this product comes with a satisfaction guaranteed policy.

Compression socks can be great for runners and other active persons because they help relieve muscle strain and fatigue. If you choose to wear compression socks, look for comfortable, light weight socks that provide support and aid in blood circulation. If you have a medical reason for wearing these socks, consult your physician first.


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