Best Testosterone Booster On The Market (In 2018)

Everyone has seen an ad for Testosterone Boosters. Whether you browse the internet, watch TV, or live anywhere other than under a rock, ads for boosters are everywhere. Each ad promises that their product will help you feel younger and improve your sex drive.

Unfortunately, even the best ad won’t tell you the real story about the testosterone boosters. The truth is some of those boosters are better formulated than others.

Plus there’s no denying that the best and most effective products on the market will produce maximum results without creating a myriad of complications and side effects.

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In order to find the best testosterone boosters on the market for you, first consider:

What does a testosterone booster do?

Testosterone boosters are often confused with testosterone supplements. Rather than adding testosterone to your system, a booster will stimulate the endocrine system that produces testosterone so that you create more natural testosterone.

Boosting testosterone can have a positive impact on your health and lifestyle. Often men experience a decline in natural testosterone after 30. The side effects of low testosterone can include a loss of sexual desire, loss of bone density, and a decrease in muscle mass.

The negative side effects of low testosterone should not just be considered a natural result of aging. Men have been known to experience a decrease of testosterone earlier in life than prior generations. This is due to our sedentary lifestyle and lack of manual labor.

This is an alarming trend that can only be reversed with a booster.

Men who use an effective booster experience a return of their sexual drive as well as increased strength gains and muscle growth when paired with an active lifestyle.

What are the side effects?

As with any medication or herbal supplement, there are side effects. The best products have minimal side effects while providing maximum results, but the market is flooded with cheap/ generic products.

If you have tried testosterone boosters in the past and experienced fluid retention, oily skin, sleep apnea, or enlargement of the breast, your product was most likely low quality.

If you have made the decision that using a testosterone booster is right for you, here is a list of some of the best products available on the market today and who benefits the most from using them.

  1. Optimum Nutrition ZMA – Click Here To Read Product Reviews

For use by: Athletes and Gym Goers

ZMA, also known as a blend of Zinc and Magnesium, is commonly known to help boost optimal testosterone levels because many men who experience a deficiency in these minerals have low testosterone levels as a result.

Athletes can experience a loss of zinc and magnesium from excessive sweating. These minerals are also essential for protein synthesis, so men aiming for big gains will commonly experience a large drop in these mineral levels during recovery.

This supplement is lacking in several of the common additives found in generic boosters and focuses on providing dramatic doses of ZMA and maximizing the body’s ability to absorb it. This is why it has such a low side effect profile.

Without the herbal additives that promote sleep or energy levels, this supplement can offer a straightforward boost in testosterone, minus significant side effects for the hard training athlete.

If you are the rare individual that does not have a ZMA deficiency, this company also provides a blended supplement that does include other herbal supplements to boost testosterone.

2. RSP Z-Elite Recovery and Sleep – Click Here For Product Reviews

For use by: Insomniacs

There is a well-studied link between insomnia and low testosterone levels. This is because testosterone production is stimulated during sleep. If you have problems falling or staying asleep, correcting this may cause a rebound of your testosterone levels.

Z-Elite blends zinc and magnesium with melatonin to provide assistance with healthy sleep. When taken before bed, you experience improved sleep quality and a decrease in insomnia.

Unlike other products, Z-Elite has only five ingredients, all of which are natural and herb derived. Small ingredient lists can minimize the amount of side-effects experienced.

3. Sorvita Tribulus Terrestris Extract – Click Here To Read Product Reviews

For use by: Casual Gym Goers, Weight Loss

This herbal supplement is currently under examination by the FDA for certification, but anecdotal evidence supports the claim that it promotes testosterone production. This supplement provides the highest dose of Tribulous Terrestris we could find without any other additives.

This supplement is great for the average gym goer who may not be experiencing any significant imbalances other than a low testosterone count. The product also reportedly promotes lean muscle mass, making it ideal for the person trying to loose fat and gain muscle. This supplement is also safe for women.

No matter what supplement you choose, make sure to check with your doctor before starting a testosterone boosting regimen.


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