Best Trail Running Shoes For Men & Women (In 2018)

Trail running shoes aren’t like your everyday running shoes. They are made differently to withstand the rough and rugged terrain of the great outdoors. These shoes provide the trail runner with greater stability and better foot protection.

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While many of these shoes are referred to as trail running shoes, the reality is very few of them actually are. If you are on the hunt for these shoes for both men and women, keep running as we quickly review the best trail running shoes on the market in 2018.

ASICS Women’s GT-2000 3 – Click Here To Read Reviews

Overpronators will be excited by this shoe. It is by far one of the most comfortable and supportive shoes on the market. With the Asics Women’s GT-2000 3 you can crank out the miles and go the distance without any hesitation.

Thanks to the bouncy FluidRide midsole these shoes are a bit lighter than previous versions. The Heel Clutching System has also been redesigned, giving the shoe a more secure fit. With a more secure fit comes less foot fatigue and less bulk. When you combine GEL cushioning technology with a Dynamic Duomax Support System you have a stable shoe that’s perfect for overpronating runners.

Pearl Izumi EM Trail N2 – Click Here To Read Reviews

When it comes to running on trails there is no better shoe than the Pearl Izumi EM Trail N2. It’s lightweight, provides optimal protection under the foot; the shoe is wide and stable, and also super comfortable. No matter what you throw at this shoe, it will rise to the occasion. It can literally take a beating and keep on ticking. They are durable and sure to help you run your absolute best.

Saucony Women’s Peregrine 5 – Click Here To Read Reviews

This low profile show exemplifies versatility. It combines balance, sensitivity and great foot protection which means it can easily cross over from trail to road, and repeat. Due to its lightweight design you barely even know the shoe is there. You will feel fast and free with every step you take.

If you want to run on a more complicated terrain, go right ahead. This shoe will keep your feet protected and nice and cool. The rock plate that sits in the midsole of the shoe will provide you with all the protection you need. With the Saucony Women’s Peregrine 5 you will be able to run anywhere!

ALTRA Superior 2.0 – Click Here To Read Reviews

Say goodbye to bunions with the ALTRA Superior 2.0 running shoe. Unlike traditional running shoes, the ALTRA Superior 2.0 doesn’t have a pointy toe box. As a result you don’t have to worry about your foot being squeezed out of its natural position which ultimately leads to bunions and hammertoes.

Because the toe box allows your toes to relax and spread out, you will have better stability and better performance.

Another great feature is the zero drop platform. If you have been running for any amount of time you’d know elevated heels, at times, lead to poor performance. Every ALTRA running shoe is designed using a zero drop platform, which means your foot, back and entire body will be properly aligned which leading to a low impact landing with every stride.

Salomon Women’s Speedcross 3 – Click Here To Read Reviews

This ultra light running shoe comes ready right out the box. Made using water resistant nylon material, this shoe is flexible, light, and dries relatively quickly. The Sensifit design hugs the foot perfectly, ensuring a precise fit with minimal slippage.

This is probably one of the only shoes that can easily handle any type of terrain. From slippery, to wet, to rocky, this shoe can handle it all.

When it comes to finding the best trail running shoes there are 6 key factors you should look at; namely protection, traction, stability, comfort, sensitivity and weight. Keep in mind no two runners are alike. For example, some runners require more support than others.

The same goes for shoe width and how much room is needed in the toe box. It’s also recommended that you opt for shoes that are lightweight and breathable. Depending on the time of year, you might also want to look into waterproof shoes. This way the waterlogged feeling will go away within the first quarter mile.

If you have a big race coming up be sure to train in the same type of shoe you will be running in. This way you will be familiar with the feel of the shoe before you take it out on the trail.


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