Best Umbrella Stroller For Travel Reviews (In 2018)

Moms love the ultra-luxury strollers that have every possible feature you’d want … until they get tired of removing all the accessories, folding it up while baby is screaming in the car seat or someone’s arms, trying to fit it into the back seat or trunk while worrying about loading groceries, packages or luggage.   

Enter the umbrella stroller with minimal frills but high in functionality. One thing to remember about umbrella strollers: they are not meant to be used every day, taken to the beach, used for jogging or taken on camping or hiking trips.

They are city-oriented and are designed to be easily carried on buses, trains, planes and tucked into a compact car. You are giving up fancy frills like cell-phone holders and large storage features for simplicity and functionality in stores without elevators or planes with overhead space.

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For strollers that need to be travel-ready, there are some definitive parameters to consider. First and foremost, the weight should be less than 12-pounds. Folding mechanisms of this  device should be easily used with no need to remove parts and accessories.

  1. Summer Infant 2017 Lite Convenience Stroller –  See Verified Buyer Reviews

This is a new brand on the market but is highly rated for functionality and extra features normally reserved for the luxury stroller. It weighs in at 12-pounds – the top limit for our travel parameters – and has a 4-position recline feature that is unique to travel strollers.

The canopy includes a flip out sun visor, includes a carry strap to free one hand, cup holder , front and back double wheels and a larger than usual storage basket.  Colors Available – for hood only: Black, Lime, Blue, Pink, Orange or Yellow                       

  1. Inglesina Net Stroller –  See Verified Buyer Reviews

Unique to the Italian-made Inglesina is the net sling that holds the baby or seat pad which is removable for easy washing. If you’ve ever been in a humid climate in summer, you’ll appreciate the net seat option to keep baby from overheating and sweating unnecessarily.  Weighing only 11.2-pounds, this stroller also includes a sling strap for carrying, rain cover, cup holder and a large canopy rated at UPF 50+. It stands on its own when folded.   Colors available for canopy and seat pad include: pink, lime green, orange and red.

  1. Chicco Capri aka C6 Lightweight Stroller –  See Verified Buyer Reviews

Another Italian maker specializing in infant and toddler goods (from sun screen lotion to riding toys), Chicco designed the Capri – now called the C6 – stroller for infrequent use such as long-distance travel or vacations.

The seat does have a 2-position recline and safety harness. The seat is not nearly as padded as some other models but that also means it folds flatter. The canopy can be removed for cleaning: it includes both the shoulder strap and a carry bag for storing. The basket is designed to hold a small diaper bag.  Colors available with entire stroller include: Black or Tangerine.

  1. Maclaren Mark II Stroller –  See Verified Buyer Reviews

Maclaren is an old name resonating high quality and top of the line engineering in baby strollers of all sizes is also THE company that invented the Umbrella Stroller 50-years ago.

Since then, everyone else has been duplicating the basic design.

Now, they’ve invented the absolute ultimate in travel ready strollers with the 7.4 pound Mark II!  That’s right – 7.4 pounds of incredibly functional features.

Even though it only has one position, the seat is slightly tilted toward to the back instead of completely straight up. The hood is extra-large, waterproof and includes a large extendable visor rated at UPF 50+.

Peek-a-boo mesh provides a window for the youngster who is between 6-months old and 55-pounds.

The seat panel is mesh allowing better air circulation that is removable for machine washing.  The rain cover that is included protects your child from wind and rain when you’re caught in a storm. And, the net basket goes completely beneath the seat, making it the largest and easies for carrying extra packages.

The carry strap is centered on the back of the stroller so that the weight is evenly distributed when you have it slung over your shoulder.

The frame is made of aircraft aluminum for long-lasting durability and strength.  Mark II meets and exceeds international safety standards. Colors available for entire stroller except mesh areas include: Black, Midnight Navy, Pink, Silver and Orange. Extra accessories are available separately.

One Last Consideration

Keep in mind that when you are traveling – whether to the mall, to Paris on vacation or to visit grandparents, every pound becomes exaggerated. Children are more impatient in unfamiliar surroundings and the faster that you can set up or close a stroller, the better for both of you.


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