Best Waist Trainer Corsets and Cinchers (in 2018)

In Victorian times, a lady wouldn’t dare be seen in public without a corset, and although that particular “extreme” of fashion has fallen by the wayside, a gentler variation is making resurgence in popularity.

The waist cincher, or waist trainer, is essentially a modernized version of the corset, improving wearers’ posture. Celebrities like the Kardashians, as well as women in almost every other walk of life are sporting them.

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What Are The Best Waist Trainers In 2018?

  • Ann Chery Women’s FajaClasica Waist Cincher
  • Squeem “Perfect Waist” Firm Compression Waist Trainer
  • Genluna Women’s Elasticity Steel Boned Waist Diet Corset
  • Fajastec Women’s Beauty Classic Latex Waist Cincher 3 Hooks
  • Waist Trainer Workout Latex Faja Corset
  • Ursula Women’s Perfect Fit Workout Waist Cincher and Body Shaper

Many women enjoy the instantly slimming effect, including the ability to fit better (and look better) in their clothes. Whether a wearer has turned to a waist trimmer to tame a problem area, or to help her slip back into her regular clothes in postpartum months, the cincher has an instantaneous effect.

Today’s cinchers are kinder and more comfortable than their Victorian predecessors, with flexible ribbing and stretchable fabrics. Health professionals simply caution that their use should not be taken to extremes, just as any diet or exercise regime should be practiced with healthy moderation.

Ann Chery Women’s FajaClasica Waist Cincher  – Click To Read Product Reviews

This hot little number is available in sizes ranging from extra small to multiple X, and in colors including black, red, and beige. Its dual layer composition (soft cotton on the inside, sturdy latex on the outside) makes it comfortable as well as functional. With hooks up the front, it reaches from hip to bra bottom, ensuring that there won’t be any unsightly bulges in a space between where the top edge ends and the bra begins.

The Ann Chery product recommendation includes the somewhat unusual suggestion that this waist cincher be worn during cardio workouts. With its latex layer, it certainly does promote perspiration as a method of excreting toxins and water weight, although its tight fit around the rib cage could constrict its wearer’s ability to breathe deeply during exercise.

Squeem “Perfect Waist” Firm Compression Waist Trainer – Click To Read Product Reviews

The Squeem brand has been creating garments for body shaping for more than three decades, making this company a mainstay (if you’ll excuse the pun) in the industry. Recommended for comfortable wear for as long as ten hours per day, this garment is suggested for uses including relief of back pain and recovery from postpartum shapelessness.

The Squeem waist trainer is available in a palette of colors, including black, beige, royal blue, hot pink, and bright purple. Its two layers keep soft cotton against the wearer’s skin while shoring up the posture and tucking in the tummy with the outer latex rubber. Flexible ribbing keeps the waist trainer from pinching or rolling at the edges, while simultaneously helping the wearer to keep a sexy hourglass outline.

Genluna Women’s Elasticity Steel Boned Waist Diet Corset – Click To Read Product Reviews

Some of the standout features of Genluna corset are its color selection and its triple row of hooks for waist training. Unlike the brands that only offer two or three colors (usually black and beige), Genluna has a regular rainbow of pink, purple, blue, red, orange, ivory, and even patterns like a multicolored zigzag and a leopard print.

The triple layers of hook and eye closures enable the wearer to cinch the trainer tighter, row by row, as their waist size decreases with use.

Fajastec Women’s Beauty Classic Latex Waist Cincher 3 Hooks – Click To Read Product Reviews

Like the Genluna, the Fajastec waist cincher sports three rows of hooks and fasteners so you can gradually tighten up your waist without having to buy a whole new garment each time. Flexible boning at both back and front helps the garment (and the wearer) hold shape even for all day use.

Available in black and pink, this cincher follows the common trend of keeping cotton against the skin and latex facing outward.

Waist Trainer Workout Latex Faja Corset – Click To Read Product Reviews

Unlike the models that are advertised primarily as shape trainers, the Workout Faja Corset is marketed with a specific nod to wearing during workouts. The inner layer is made of latex where other models line their garments with cotton.

While this will inevitably feel a little less comfortable, it optimizes the wearer’s perspiration and excretion of toxins through the skin pores. Used as an aid to weight loss, the garment can still do double duty as a shape controller and posture assistant.

Ursula Women’s Perfect Fit Workout Waist Cincher and Body Shaper – Click To Read Product Reviews

The Ursula waist cincher comes in three products (blue, pink, and purple) with triple rows of hook and eye closures so you can adjust the fit as your waist trims down. The inner layer of fabric is a cotton spandex blend, and the outer latex layer is advertised as odorless, which is a plus for those who don’t like the new rubber smell of some waist trainers.

Ann Chery Latex Girdle Vest Body Shaper #2027 – Click To Read Product Reviews

The Ann Chery vest differs from many waist cinchers in that it provides a fuller back, along with straps similar to those of a sports bra. Wearers who are self-conscious about “back fat” love the full coverage of this garment, which keeps rolls tucked in back as well as front.

Ordering Your Own Waist Trainer

Regardless of what brand or model you choose, users recommend ordering by the manufacturer’s size chart rather than the clothing size you are accustomed to wearing, for the simple reason that the waist cincher will reduce the size you wear!

It is intended to be snug, particularly for a new wearer, but it enables you to fit into a smaller size of clothing while wearing it (and after regular use, to fit into that smaller size, even without it)


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