The Best Waist Trimmer Belt Reviews (In 2017)

The first question that people who have never used a waist trimmer belt ask is if it actually works to reduce flab around the waist or burn calories. The short answer is “no”, according to physicians and professional trainers.

However, there are benefits that are often never discussed which make it worthwhile to use a waist trimmer to lose weight and get fit. There’s no denying that it works great as a posture corrector and reminds you not to overindulge at meal time. Both of these factors can make your life better and healthier in the long run.

Will you sweat more when using a waist trimmer than you would otherwise during workouts and normal routines? No. When you are not wearing a trimmer device, you sweat but it dissipates into the air so you don’t notice it.

By preventing evaporation that normally takes place before hitting your clothes, the belt absorbs the sweat, making you think that you released more water than usual.

Search For The Best Rated Waist Trimmer Belts on Amazon

  1. MakExpress Adjustable Neoprene Waist Trimmer Belt – See Verified Buyer Reviews

Price: $ 11.67

This neoprene belt covers more of the torso than most others. The length prevents the belt from rolling down as you move. It is an excellent belt to improve posture, especially when working out. Plus, it helps you keep your back properly aligned when riding bikes. This is a  Hand Wash only device.  It’s recommended for sizes for up to 42” inch waists.

  1. Slender 8s Waist Trimmer Belt for Men and WomenSee Verified Buyer Reviews
    Price: $ 12.97

Made of latex-free, stretchable neoprene this waist trimmer is tall enough to use during exercises without bunching and crimping at the waistline. Velcro closure is adjustable fit for up to 40” waist. The muscle support system of the device will help support tummy muscles during exercise; it may also result in some toning which will make the waist slimmer.

  1. McDavid 491 Waist Trimmer –  See Verified Buyer Reviews
    Price: $ 14.75

McDavid advertises this as primarily for protection against injury during exercises or work that requires heavy lifting, strain on the lower lumbar region or tummy muscles. Made of composite materials and neoprene with a wide Velcro closure the product can be adjusted to fit those with waists measuring up to 40”. It has been reported by users to relieve minor muscle and back pains associated with strained muscles.

  1. Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer with Free Workout Enhancer – See Verified Buyer Reviews
    Price: $ 18.95

With more than 3,000 customer reviews, Sweet Sweat Premium continues to remain one of the most popular and highly rated waist trimmers on the market. This one reaches to just under the bust line and over the top of the hips, making it the tallest of all the trimmers available. Fabricated using compression technology it is designed to relieve minor pain and for the support of back and abdominal muscles while staying in place during HIIT regimes as well as normal daily activities. Adjustable up to 42” with Velcro closure, this one is made of Latex-Free Neoprene for better comfort.

  1. AZSPORT Waist Trimmer for Waists to 50” –  See Verified Buyer Reviews
    Price: $ 14.98

Often called an Ab Sauna Belt, this waist trimmer is the only one that is designed for the larger waistline. The device assists in protecting core muscles and stabilizing the spine during workouts and other routines through the use of compression fabrication technology. It also helps improve circulation by improving posture.  As with any waist trimmer, it’s advised that you carry out some abdominal exercises using the trimmer.

  1. TNT Extra Wide Waist Trimmer Ab Belt – See Verified Buyer Reviews
    Price: $ 19.99

The name of this product is certainly significant and apropos – just like dynamite, this ab belt ,when worn during workouts, repels sweat as it covers the entire midsection. It also fits waists up to 44” and is made of latex-free neoprene with Velcro closing.

  1. EzyFit Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt –  See Verified Buyer Reviews
    Price: $ 19.85

Ezy Fit’s contribution to the waist trimming craze is an 8” wide belt made of a blend of neoprene, nylon and polyester. The fabrication is designed to hold its shape longer and to stay put during heavy exercising routines.  The device fits up to a 46” waist with adjustable Velcro closing for comfort fit.

Using It For Support

All of these waist trimmer belts will improve your posture and support back and abdominal muscles – which is all you can actually expect. Some users have also reportedly lost weight using these trimmers which can be attributed to the increase of exercise after the purchase


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