Cold and Flu

Do you have a cold, flu or something in between? Learn about flu and cold symptoms, medicine and remedies to get back in top shape in no time.

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12 Tips for When You’re Too Darn Busy to Get Sick

Here, the immunity-boosting tips you need to stop from getting sick this cold and flu season.

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How to Avoid a Red, Peeling Nose When You’ve Got the Sniffles

Constantly blowing your nose could leave you with a chapped nose. Here's how to prevent dryness and redness

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How Bad Is It to Kiss Someone When They Have a Cold?

A good smooch is a nice thing with the right someone, but should you still pucker up if they're under...

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Lost Your Voice? Try These Tips to Treat Laryngitis Quickly

Colds and the flu are a primary cause for laryngitis. Get back up and communicating faster with this advice on...

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Here’s How to Take the Sting Out of Your Annual Flu Shot

No one likes a jab in the arm, but fear of flu shot pain shouldn't keep you from making this...

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Nose Always Running? 12 Surprising Reasons You Have the Sniffles

If you can’t stop reaching for the tissues, one of these causes might be behind your runny nose.

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This Year’s Flu Season Basics

Yep, it's that time of year again! Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming flu season, flu vaccines...

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H1N1: A Report Card on the Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009-2010

This report sheds light on the swine flu pandemic of 2009-2010 and the lessons we can learn from it.

Flu Fighters: True Stories of the Swine Flu Pandemic

Surprising accounts -- and lifesaving lessons -- from the race to stay ahead of the virus sweeping the world.

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Swine Flu and You: Information on Influenza and Protect-Yourself Tips

Can I get infected with 2009 H1N1 virus from eating or preparing pork? No. 2009 H1N1 viruses are not spread