20 Cool and Cute Nicknames For Girls

There are hundreds of nicknames out there.  But why do we give each other nicknames?  In some cases, it’s the shorter version of one’s given name.  Patricia may become Pat and Alexandria is Alex.  Or a person’s surname may bring about the name familiar others know her by.  In sports lately, popular nicknames have come from a first initial and first syllable of the last name such as Alex Rodriguez’s “A-Rod” moniker. 

  Some nicknames travel across the globe.  Their popularity comes and goes as the years go by.  They are terms of endearment often used by those closest to us.  They indicate an acceptance of some sort.  That acceptance may be of love, family or friendship.  Here are 20 cute and cool nicknames that girls have been called over the years:

Toots or Tootsie

Popular in the 30s and beyond, Toots as a nickname was born in the gangster era, but is still popular today in many circles.


Almost as old as Toots, Kitten is a term of endearment often used in reference to a girl who’s as cute as a little kitten.

Main Squeeze

Popular in the 50s.  This nickname designates one girl as a main love interest in a casual dater’s life.  Today it often refers to the one and only love interest of either a male or female. 

Hot Lips

This nickname implies it all.  It’s popularity rose dramatically due to the popular sitcom M*A*S*H* in the 70s.  The character Major Margret Houlihan was known by this name, and so were girls across the country, almost overnight. It is heard less today, but the reference to the blonde bombshell is still alive and well.

Flower Child

This is an obvious 60s original nickname.   Flower children and hippies were the free spirits of the day.  They rejected material things in favor of free love and free lifestyles.  They were the rebels of their day.  The nickname is still a popular one for girls today.  It is often given to those who hold the same values as the hippies and flower children of the 60s.


A nonsensical name at best, girls of all ages have been known to  hold this designation.   It may be a father’s nickname for an infant daughter, but is just as likely a first boyfriend’s nickname for his first girl.


Derived from the word pumpkin, another long standing nickname, it rolls from the tongue better and is still a cute nickname for girls across the country.   It has a rural aura about it and is often given to girls who appreciate the simple things in life.

Snicker Doodle

A long standing favorite cookie of many generations, this nickname has been popular for years.  It is fitting for girls of all ages.  It has been given as a nickname by family, friends, and lovers alike. 


Sometimes given to the girl who lights up a room.  A nickname such as this can often also stem from an incident involving fire or electricity that others can now look back on and laugh.   It’s just as likely this handle has a meaning as not. 

Baby Doll

This is a definite term of endearment.  Its meant for someone who’s sweet and cute, possibly with the aura of a child in a woman’s body.  It’s been popular for decades and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Angel Face

This is another popular nickname that may be given by family as easily as a special loved one.  The cherubic faces of young girls often bring about this nickname that may stick just with the family.  It will always involve strong feelings of some sort.


This is a completely nonsensical nickname given now.  The origin of the word itself is “sun” in Chinook Indian.  It can be used with a grain of sarcasm and is most often used in fun rather than as a serious term of endearment.


A name given to girls who love rural living, short for “country bumpkin”.  A nickname to be given by friends, family, and loved ones.


The butterfly signifies beauty and freedom.  This nickname is often given to those with those qualities.


Some girls love pink.  Many of those girls often acquire this nickname over the years.  They are often seen wearing this color and decorating with it.


A term of endearment often used for girls from the south.  Derivative of the term Southern Belle. It denotes a certain air of sophistication, even today. 

Little _ or Lil’ _

Often followed by the girl’s name.  Sometimes given to females of smaller stature.  Nickname can be given by anyone familiar with the girl and tends to “stick”, or become commonplace, in a very short time.


Used to denote an especially attractive girl.  The literal translation is something similar to mommy or little mama.  Used in today’s society, it often refers to a good looking girl a boy thinks is “hot”.


The first popular use of the term was for the small statured characters on Wizard of Oz.  This is just as aptly given by a parent or friend as much as it is as a term of endearment.  A name for a cute, little girl.

Sweet Cheeks

A sweet, cute nickname that has withstood the test of time for decades.

Nicknames are popular and will never go away.  Those familiar to us give us these names due to our relationship to them, our characteristics, or our given names.  All nicknames give a sense of belonging and acceptance.  They also can also denote a relationship status with the giver.  Cute and cool nicknames will change over the years, but they will always add color to our lives.


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