Whether you or a loved one has diabetes or prediabetes, learn about the difference, symptoms and signs, causes and risk factors.

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9 Questions Every Diabetes Patient Needs to Ask Their Doctor

Simply being in a doctor’s office can be intimidating. And it’s not uncommon to feel a bit rushed. But getting...

7 Clear Signs You Could Have High Blood Sugar

Untreated hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar, can lead to kidney damage over time, so if you’re diabetic and experiencing any...

Normal Blood Sugar Levels: What People With Diabetes and Prediabetes Need to Know

This blood sugar level primer can help you manage your diabetes and stay healthy.

Diabetes Tests: A Guide to 8 of the Most Important Tests Diabetics Need

These diabetes tests can give you and your doctor a good sense of how well your blood sugar is controlled...

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8 Red-Flag Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes in Children

Type 1 diabetes, previously called juvenile diabetes, develops when the pancreas no longer produces insulin. Here’s how to tell if...

Bitter Melon Health Benefits: Can Bitter Melon Help Treat Diabetes?

Thinking of taking bitter melon to help treat diabetes? Read this first.

Nutritionists’ 9 Tricks for Grocery Shopping with Diabetes

A diabetes diagnosis = need to eat healthy, stat. Here's how to start grocery shopping for healthy diabetic foods.

Carb Counting If You Have Diabetes: 8 Key Steps to Know

Managing your carb intake is key for living well with diabetes. Here's what you need to know.

Just Diagnosed With Diabetes? 9 Questions You Have to Ask Your Doctor

Getting the answers you need makes the difference between taking good care of your diabetes, and your health in general,...

12 Healthy Feet Tips If You Have Diabetes

Why you should keep a mirror under your bed and invest in a pair of fluffy slippers: here are a...

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Little Tricks to Make Any Dinner More Diabetes Friendly

If your diet is the foundation for beating diabetes, dinners are your cornerstone. Your dinners can be flavorful and satisfying...

Dr. Phil’s 6 Rules for Emotionally Coping with Type 2 Diabetes

Here, how to mentally take control of your diabetes diagnosis.

11 Tips for a Healthy Sex Life If You Have Diabetes

Diabetes can affect your whole body (including your sex life). Here's what you need to know to stay healthy and...

8 Things People With Diabetes Wish You Knew

The right (and wrong) things to say to somebody living with diabetes.

Eating Out With Diabetes: 8 Menu Words to Avoid

Following a diabetes diet? Here’s how to decode a restaurant menu to avoid ordering unhealthy dishes.

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18 Diabetic-Friendly Comfort Food Recipes to Satisfy Your Cravings

These recipes for classic comfort foods dish up their familiar flavors in a healthy way.

16 Cozy Diabetic-Friendly Holiday Recipes to Share at Your Table

Enjoy holiday meals, and keep your blood sugar in check, thanks to these savory recipes.

Diabetic Emergencies: Warning Signs and Steps to Save Someone’s Life

If someone develops hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia because of diabetes, here’s what to do to help them recover safely.

Sweet! 15 Diabetic-Friendly Holiday Dessert Recipes

Indulge your sweet tooth this holiday season (without any guilt) with this collection of diabetes-friendly dessert recipes.

Diabetes and Exercise: 10 Science-Backed Reasons to Start Working Out

Changing your diet isn’t the only way to achieve a healthy lifestyle with diabetes. Here's how exercise can help you...

How Paula Deen Lost 30 Pounds

The controversial type 2 diabetes diagnosis of The Food Network star (and 'Dancing With the Stars' competitor) triggered a slew...

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6 Reasons a High-Fiber Diet Is Insanely Healthy for Diabetes

Dietary fiber enhances your ability to metabolize blood glucose in a number of surprising ways. Here are some of the...

How to Tell When Normal Blood Sugar Isn’t

Your tests might say you're safe, but new research claims that even normal-range results could mean trouble.

10 Great Low-Glycemic Snacks

Eating more of these foods and fewer high-glycemic foods reduces your risk of developing insulin resistance, a core problem underlying...

7 Healthy Slow-Cooker Recipes for Diabetics

A slow cooker's low heat and long cook times make lean (and affordable) cuts of meat tasty and tender. Here...

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11 Healthy Casserole Recipes for People with Diabetes

These lightened-up, healthier versions of classic one-dish casserole recipes contain more veggies and fiber to make for a delicious dinner.