Following This One Diet Could Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, According to Science

And it's super simple!

SaladPH888/ShutterstockOver 29 million people in the United States live with diabetes—and most people don’t even realize they have the deadly condition. (Watch out for the silent signs of diabetes.) Despite these alarming statistics, however, there’s good news: Researchers are now one step closer to a step-by-step plan for reversing diabetes. And it all starts with what’s on your plate.

In a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, Dr. Perry and her colleagues restricted the diets of diabetic rats to one-quarter of their normal calorie intake. Then, the researchers examined how the rats’ bodies responded to the calorie restriction over the course of three days.

They found an encouraging result: A low-calorie diet drastically lowered blood sugar concentrations in the rodents, which reduced their telltale markers of type 2 diabetes. You can also reverse type 2 diabetes if you lose this many pounds, research says.

“[W]e were struck by the impact of just 3 days of caloric deprivation, without changes in body weight, to lower plasma glucose concentrations,” Dr. Perry told Medical News Today.

While previous studies have reported similar findings, this was the first to understand the method by which the reversal occurs. According to Dr. Perry, the low-calorie diet decreased both the rate at which the rats’ bodies produced glucose, as well as their livers’ fat content. That, in turn, led to the decline in the rats’ symptoms of type 2 diabetes, she said.

But before you start drastically reducing your own diet, take these results with a grain of salt. Further research is needed to determine how a low-calorie diet will affect humans with type 2 diabetes. In the meantime, this two-day diabetes diet might help you shed the pounds.

[Source: Medical News Today]

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