Tackle Diabetes! A Former NFL Star Shares Game Plan

Millions of Americans tune in every day to hear Mike Golic talk sports on his popular ESPN show Mike &

Mike GolicMillions of Americans tune in every day to hear Mike Golic talk sports on his popular ESPN show Mike & Mike In The Morning. Now, Golic hopes to reach 346 million people worldwide who have Type 2 Diabetes, just like he does, and share his game plan to win against the condition. He revealed his top tips with us, especially during the holiday shuffle:

1. Kick off the dialogue with your loved ones.

“When my Dad was diagnosed with diabetes, he kept his diabetes management separate from the family,” Golic recalled. “But it’s important for everyone to be involved and aware so they can help with diabetes control—especially because diabetes runs in families. My kids all know about my condition, and I think education is half of the battle.”

2. Don’t leave fruits and veggies on the bench.

Golic puts tempting holiday parties or alluring buffets on the defense with this strategy. “By filling up on veggies like carrots, or fruits like apples, I get a lot of fiber that keeps my stomach satisfied. This prevents me from reaching for that extra helping of seconds…or thirds,” says Golic.

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3. Victory can still be “sweet.”

Many people mistakenly think that diabetes means giving foods you love, and especially dessert. Golic called an audible on that thinking. “You just have to shift what kind of desserts you’re eating, and be smart about portion control. I love fruit bowls, yogurt parfaits and chocolate cake (modified to be diabetes friendly).”
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4. Huddle with your doctor regularly.

Always head to the doctor with a written list of questions in advance so you don’t fumble with embarrassment. Golic uses The Fast Five Questions from the American College of Endocrinology to prep. First up should be, “What should my blood sugar goals be?” and never leave without asking, “Do I need to make any changes to my overall treatment plan?”

For more on The Game Plan, an addition to the Blood Sugar Basics program from the American College of Endocrinology (ACE) and Merck, check out  Blood Sugar Basics.

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