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How These 4 Women Transformed Their Bodies with Easy Online Workouts

No time to go to the gym? No problem! Online workouts make fitness more accessible than ever, allowing even busy women to find the time to effect real change in their bodies over time.


The benefits of working out online

Finding time to go to the gym, or fitting group fitness classes into an already jam-packed schedule is out of the question for many women. Instead of giving up and doing nothing, these six women turned to Katie Dunlop’s Love Sweat Fitness (LSF) online workout and nutrition program. Dunlop provides nearly endless options for meal plans, workout plans, two-week challenges, and a community of like-minded individuals working towards similar health and fitness goals. For these six participants, discovering LSF and Dunlop changed their bodies and their minds into healthier versions of themselves.

Charlotte-BlackmoreCourtesy Charlotte-Blackmoor

A former runner enjoys the variety

Charlotte Blackmore, 25, wasn’t sure what her next fitness routine would look like, but she knew it wasn’t going to be more jogging. When searching online for workout programs, she found LSF and decided to give it a shot. At first, the program was so challenging that Blackmore couldn’t make it through the full two-week challenge. “Now, I’m able to workout five or six days a week, which I never would have thought I’d be able to do,” she says. Blackmore follows the 14-day workout plans that Dunlop creates for her LSF community. “All I do is look up the video for that day and go straight into it,” says Blackmore. “There’s no need to plan or think about what I have to be doing.” Blackmore jump-starts her day by completing the prescribed workouts at home before leaving for the day.

Jenny-HellyerCourtesy Jenny Hellyer

A mom-to-be keeps fit

As a competitive surfer and stand up paddle boarder, Jenny Hellyer, 36, was looking to switch up her strength and conditioning routine. Already quite fit, Hellyer incorporated LSF into her routine to increase her muscle tone and flexibility. “Once I tried one of the challenges, I was instantly hooked,” she says. “I always liked exercising and training, but I liked the fun-factor that Katie adds to her videos.” After becoming pregnant, Hellyer noticed the workouts kept typical aches and pains away. “Keeping fit during my pregnancy has definitely made it much smoother and easier,” she says. The variety of workouts in the program allowed her to make swaps when necessary. “I especially like the incorporation of core workouts that aren’t just sit-ups,” she says. Here are some tips for keeping healthy postpartum.

Olivia DyeCourtesy Olivia Dye

A bride shapes up

When in school studying dietetics, Olivia Dye, 27, was able to keep her sweet tooth well under control, surrounded by like-minded individuals and studying how to maintain a balanced, nutritional diet. “Once I graduated into the ‘real world’ with a full-time job and food temptations, I really struggled to find balance,” she says. When her fiancé proposed, she knew it was time to make a change. “If not now, when?” she asks. Dye knew the science behind healthy nutrition, but would find ways to skirt the rules by cutting back elsewhere to indulge in sweets. Now, with the LSF diet plans, she’s able to reason that her unhealthy cravings aren’t part of her meal plan that day. “The program helped me get organized with my meals,” she says. “Sometimes I still indulge, but it’s much more under control.” She started out slowly with the fitness plan, doing three workouts and slowly working her way up to five a week. In order to avoid skipping her workouts after she gets home at night with the excuse of being too tired, she works out in the mornings in her home or at the gym, and has a gym buddy. “We hold each other accountable,” she says. “It has been one of the single best things to keep me going on the program.” Here are more ways to make your workouts less of a chore.

Allie-TuckerCourtesy Allie Tucker

A military wife find structure

When Allie Tucker, 26, moved to Ohio with her husband, who is in the military, she found herself without a support group of friends or family nearby. Tucker suddenly had trouble finding motivation to work out. “I was searching YouTube for some no-equipment, home workouts that would get me out of my slump,” she says. “I had a really hard time finding someone with an energy that got me motivated. I fell in love with Katie’s videos. Her energy made me enthusiastic about working out for the first time in a really long time.” Tucker started incorporating Dunlop’s workouts into her morning and evening routines and says she started seeing minor changes in a week, and major results less than a month into the workouts. “My mood now is usually energetic and happy-go-lucky,” she says. “When it’s hard to get motivated, I remind myself how much better I will feel once I workout.” Having a hard time getting off the sofa? Try these tricks to get motivated to exercise.

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