15 Best Fitness Gifts for Women

Updated: Mar. 28, 2022

Struggling to find the perfect fitness gift for her? These are all the tools your female friends need for an active life.

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Finding the perfect fitness gift

‘Tis the season for a familiar dilemma: You want to gift something meaningful for the women on your list—mom, sister, niece, daughter, best friend—but you also want to buy them something they’ll actually use. Check off both boxes with these 16 best fitness gifts for her.

From a virtual personal trainer to a weighted hula hoop to a pair of leggings, these are the tools every woman looking to jumpstart or stick with an active lifestyle would appreciate. These all come with a big thumbs up from fitness experts. And each one is meant to inspire more movement or take workouts to the next level.

Giving the women in your life a gift that makes them feel motivated may help them meet the American Heart Association’s recommendation to log at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise. It may also act as a mood booster. Research published in JAMA Psychiatry shows that regular physical activity can help battle depression. Fit and happy? Consider that the perfect combo for a winning gift.

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Lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband


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These Lululemon Fly Away Tamer headbands wick sweat, stay in place and look adorable. The light blue hue is neutral enough to match most workout outfits. It’s sure to fit your friend’s style—and keep the sweat out of her face. Is she more of a scrunchie fan? Lululemon has those, too.

fit duo subscription
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Fyt Duo App

$129 per month

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Has your friend always wanted the personalized attention and custom workout routines you can get only from a personal trainer? Then gift her with an Fyt Duo app subscription. The app matches you with a remote personal trainer who tracks your progress to achieve fitness goals and perfects your technique. Accountability, here she comes! Meanwhile, check out these tips from top fitness trainers.

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Motiv Smart Ring


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So subtle, so sleek and still so smart. The Motiv Ring Fitness tracks everything—from sleep, steps and distance traveled to calories burned and heart rate—all in one tiny, waterproof package. It also pairs with Apple Health and Google Fit. (Here’s what you need to know about HIIT workouts.)

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BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat


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“Having a designated area makes a home-exercise routine more official,” says Alicia Ferriere, a physical therapist at Fortify Physical Therapy in New York. The best way to do that? Buy your giftee a yoga mat. This BalanceFrom GoYoga extra-thick mat offers a non-slip surface and comes with a strap for easy carrying. Check out these six yoga moves for weight loss.

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Apple AirPods


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Whether your friend wants to box, run, spin or lift, she can do it all without wires getting in her way or her headphones falling out of her ears. “That’s one less thing to worry about when starting up a new routine,” says Angelica Virga, a trainer at Focus Integrated Fitness in New York. The Apple AirPods stand out as a must-buy thanks to the automatic on-off and connected feature, easy pausing, and skipping of songs, as well as the ability to seamlessly transition between devices.

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TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds


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If you’re looking for a way to gift listening to music that’s a little more budget-friendly, these no-wire TOZO T10 earbuds will deliver pump-up jams while sparing your wallet. They’re also super slim, offer quality sound and come with a charging case. Did you know that listening to music has some incredible health benefits?

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Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Crop 


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The perfect pair of leggings for any workout will feature moisture-wicking fabric that’s stretchy enough to move in every direction without sagging. These Lululemon leggings fit the bill and are ideal for a walk, run or gym session while staying put. Plus, the high-rise cut is flattering and comfy. (Learn the secrets of women who exercise every day.)

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Clever Fox Planner


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Setting SMART goals (meaning they’re specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound “is essential when beginning a workout program,” says Virga. “Scheduling, tracking, and recording workouts on a weekly and monthly basis will keep your friend accountable.” With this Clever Fox planner, your pal can jot down her goals for every aspect of her life—from fitness to career to finance—and have a handy record of where she is on her journey to success.

yes4all kettlebell
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Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell 


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It’s easy to build strength and muscle at home with a kettlebell. The Yes4All brand offers kettlebells ranging in weight from five to 50 pounds. Go for a lighter weight if your giftee is new to exercise. Or scale up if she’s been lifting for a while. Here’s our favorite equipment for at-home workouts.

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Sporzon! Neoprene Dumbbell Set with Stand


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“Vary the weight as much as possible,” suggests Ferriere. In other words, if you’re getting two or three sets, make sure the dumbbells come in a wide range of sizes. With this Sporzon! dumbbell set, you get a set of three-, five- and eight-pound weights, along with a stand for easy storing. Check out these 14 upper body exercises to do with dumbbells.

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Moorovgi Resistance Bands Set 


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If your sister, mom, or BFF is looking to get a solid at-home workout, this resistance band set is a great fitness gift. It has five different resistance bands (which means she can increase the challenge as she gets stronger, says Ferriere), padded handles, ankle straps, a carrying case, a door anchor attachment, and even a workout guide. It makes working out at home easy.

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Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands


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The resistance loop bands in this Fit Simplify set (ranging from light to heavy) work well for moves that target the butt. You can use them for an upper-body burn, too. They’re also easy to throw in a bag and take on the road—great for someone who travels often or likes to work out in the park.


LuxFit Foam Roller

$10 to $29

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You need recovery as much as exercise and this Luxfit foam roller provides the ultimate relief. “The roller compresses muscles and generates blood flow—much like a massage,” says Ferriere. (Talk about a soothing gift for some self-care!) This extra-firm roller comes in a range of sizes and colors. Ready to try it out? Try these six foam roller exercises.

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Sports Hoop Weighted Hoop 


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“This can be a great form of cardio and a killer exercise for your hips and core,” says Ferriere. If your friend is looking for a fun way to challenge her entire body, then the Sports Hoop weighted hoop gift is it. It’s weighted at four pounds, so the workout is much harder than a kids’ plastic hoop. And guess what? It works! This woman lost 40 pounds hula-hooping.

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New Balance Cruz V2 Running Shoe


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While it’s tough to choose a specific running sneaker for someone else (she should always test it out first), shoes still serve as the perfect fitness gift for her, considering most people wear them for every workout. To help you narrow down the choices, Virga suggests choosing a pair that plays to the activity your pal does most. “If she’s doing a mix of lifting, calisthenics, high impact, and running, she’ll want a shoe that is stable, but has some flexibility to it to allow (her) to move freely,” Virga says. She recommends this New Balance pair for mobility and support underfoot.