Here’s How to Get an Incredible Full-Body Workout—Without Leaving Your Bed

Updated: Aug. 22, 2017

True fitness doesn't require a gym membership or even equipment. Try this full-body workout right in the comfort of your bed.

Raise your hand if you begin most mornings by hitting the snooze button rather than hitting the gym. The term “morning workouts” just isn’t in your vocabulary, huh? We hear ya! Fortunately, there’s an effortless way to finally become a morning person—without leaving the comfort of your bed.

And you don’t even need to feel guilty about it! Besides all of the insane benefits to morning workouts, there’s an extra perk to exercising in bed, too. “Similar to using a foam mat or exercise ball, bed exercises may help recruit small stabilizing muscles while working large prime movers,” according to Healthline. An unstable surface like a mattress makes your core, abs, and glutes work harder, toning and strengthening them at the same time.

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Plus, there’s no gym membership required for this full-body workout. So grab one of the best foods to eat before a workout, and let’s get started!

You’ll begin by targeting your glutes, legs, and core with supine leg marches. Start in the regular glute bridge position, with your stomach lifted off the ground. Lift one leg off the bed, bring the knee toward your chest until it’s in line with your hips, and then return your foot to the bed.  Repeat with the other leg without lowering your hips, and continue on both sides for 20 repetitions.

Then, do 10 reverse crunches for three sets, with a 30-second rest between sets. This exercise will target your abdominals, so focus on your core as you move slowly through each movement.

Straight leg lifts are up next. Lie on your back and lift one leg at a time at a 45-degree angle, engaging your quadriceps at the front of the time. Repeat 15 to 20 times with each leg for three sets, with a 30-second rest between sets.

Next, perform 10 repetitions of modified handstand push-ups, in which you lie on your belly with your body bent over the edge of the bed, lowering your head to the floor and back up. Repeat for three sets to strengthen your back and shoulder muscles.

Twenty repetitions of glute hamstring leg lifts will finish off your workout. Move forward until your legs hang slightly off the bed, and lift them while lying on your belly.

Voila! You just made “lazy” look so productive. But if toning up isn’t for you, you should try these morning mindfulness exercises for a better start to your a.m.

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