Exercise is essential in maintaining optimal health. Learn more about workout plans, the benefits of exercise and staying in shape.

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12 Elliptical Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Workout

The elliptical gets a bad rap for being an ineffective workout tool, but that’s only because most people use it...

Forget the Elliptical—This Woman Lost 40 Pounds Hula Hooping

Kristin Benton wanted to lose weight without a boring gym workout, so she started hula hooping instead—and saw major results.

Sign Us Up: There’s Now a ‘Napercise’ Gym Class

Consider this your excuse to skip your workout for a snooze.

Want to Live Longer? Go for a Run, Says Science

Pounding the pavement does more than keep you fit, it could actually add years to your life.

Should You Eat Before a Workout? Science Finally Has an Answer

If you want to burn the maximum amount of fat when you sweat, you'll want to memorize these findings.

Starting a New Workout? 12 Must-Follow Rules to Set Yourself up for Fitness Success

For beginners and those looking to get back on track with their workouts, motivation is key to kickstarting any exercise...

That Explains It: Avid Runners Are Genetically Gifted to Feel Less Pain

Does it take you twice as long to reach the finish line? Blame your genetics.

8 Fitness Expert-Approved Moves You Can Do While Watching Netflix

Sometimes your heart asks you to choose between going to the gym...and rushing home to watch your latest Netflix addiction....

Yoga Teachers Reveal the 12 Rules You Should Memorize Before Taking a Class

No, they're not judging you, and, yes, you need to wear deodorant.

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8 Dance-Inspired Workouts That Don’t Even Feel Like Exercise

Why spend your time doing something you hate when you can exercise and have fun at the same time?

7 Healthy Reasons Your Child Should Be Doing Yoga

Lately, it seems like everyone is talking about yoga and how great it makes them feel. Could yoga be a...

10 Running Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

You'll only get the benefits of running if you do it safely.

10 Calorie-Blasting Workouts to Get You in Shape by Summer

Want to slim down and get in shape for summer? Get ready to sweat it out at the hottest workout...

Joining a Walking Group? 10 Tricks to Keep it Interesting

You've got a great group of walkers and everyone is enthusiastic, at least in the beginning—but motivation wanes if you...

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Here’s How to Correctly Do a Squat

Proper form is the key to get the most out of your workout.

Let’s Get Personal: Should You Wear Underwear with Gym Leggings?

Deciding to wear underwear (or not) when you workout is a question for the ages.

Why 20 Minutes Is the Magic Number for a Healthier Immune System

As little as 20 minutes of moderate exercise can help boost your immune system and have an impact on...

14 Things that Happen When You Start a Beginner Weight-Lifting Workout

Spoiler alert: Reading this may inspire you to try a brand-new fitness routine.

Is It Still Important to Stretch Before a Workout?

Stretching before exercise used to be touted as the a smart way to avoid injury. If you haven't seen many...

9 Popular Workout Moves that Could Seriously Injure You

Getting in a workout is great, but the last thing you want to do is get injured in the process....

Here’s Why It’s OK to Work Out Only on Weekends

Weekend warriors, rejoice! Science has some great news about your exercise regimen.

9 Foods You Need to Eat to Build More Muscle

If you want to build muscle, you have to give your body the building blocks it needs, and that...

8 Easy Ways Walkers Can Become Runners

If you're used to walking, these simple steps (pun intended) can make it easy to take your workout to...

9 Easy Yoga Poses You Should Be Doing Every Day

Maybe you don't have time to roll out your mat every day but you know you should be doing yoga....

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6 Simple Squat Exercises That Will Help Tone Your Body

What's the secret to strong hips and thighs? One word: squats! Try these six power moves to get in...

7 Ways Your Sneakers Are Ruining Your Workout Routine

To see the best results and prevent injury, watch for these red flags that your footwear is not worthy of...

The Best 5 Upper Body Exercises to Do with Resistance Bands

Strengthen the muscles in your upper back and arms with these quick workout moves.

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These 4 Easy Plank Exercises Will Transform Your Abs

Strengthen your entire core while building stability through these step-by-step plank exercises by Patrick Streit, a certified strength and...