Exercise is essential in maintaining optimal health. Learn more about workout plans, the benefits of exercise and staying in shape.

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Which Side of the Road You Should Walk On

Don't turn a healthy habit into a safety risk. Walk on the correct side of the road and follow these...

10 Nasty Infections You Could Catch at the Gym

You go the gym to for your health—but the gym itself can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria...

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This Is How Many Push-Ups You Need to Do to See Results

Listen up, beginners: Pumping out as many as you can isn't actually the best move for you.

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This Is How Long You Need to Hold a Plank to Help Flatten Your Belly

All hail the plank! But wait: How long should hold one? Here's your answer

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This Is How Many Squats It Takes to See Results

Keep these factors in mind if you want to see results and strengthen your glutes.

7 Exercise Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Update your exercise regime to turn back the clock.

How to Lose Arm Fat, According to a Personal Trainer

We'd all like our arms to be taut, toned and jiggle-free, but the reality tends to veer to flabby,...

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21 Tips From Top Fitness Trainers on How to Get in Shape

Get—and stay—in shape with these fitness expert-approved tips, from creating a vision board to staying hydrated.

11 People Who Got into the Best Shape of Their Lives After 50

Need a little motivation? These people will inspire you not just to live your best life at any age but...

17 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Fitness After 50

It's never too late to get in shape, even if you're over 50. Here's a look at myths you...

15 No-Effort Ways to Burn 100 Calories

If you burn an extra 100 calories a day (even if you don’t change your eating habits at all) you...

This Is Why Your Brain Never Wants You to Exercise

Turns out there’s a biological reason why you’d rather sit on the couch than exercise. Here’s what it is—and how...

This 15-Minute Strength Training Routine Works Your Whole Body—Seriously

Short on time but want to work your whole body? We asked Danielle Natoni, a personal trainer and founder of...

14 Exercises You Should Modify If You’re Over 50

There's no reason you can't get in the best shape of your life after the age of 50, but you...

12 Times You Should Absolutely Skip Your Workout

Sometimes you’re excited to get to the gym, others you have to give yourself a little pep talk to get...

6 Ways Exercise Makes Your Brain Better

Movement is medicine for the mind: Here’s how your mental muscle benefits every time you get going.

9 Things That Happen When You Stop Exercising

Are you considering quitting exercise? This is how doing so could impact your brain and your body.

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The Best 15 Workouts for People Who Hate Exercise

Hate working out? Don't sweat it. Simply choose one of these fun activities and watch your fitness soar.

21 Gift Ideas for the Fitness Lovers in Your Life

Given the rise of athleisure and the general cultural obsession with fitness and working out, there's undoubtedly a good chunk...

7 Body Transformations That May Convince You to Try HIIT

Seven women reveal how their body changed when they started high-intensity interval training, better known as HIIT.

10 Foods You Should Avoid Before a Workout

What you eat can make your workout, but sometimes what you don't eat can be just as important. Here are...

The 10-Minute Exercise for a Flatter Stomach

Only have 10 minutes of free time in your day? That's all you need to help resolve diastasis recti after...

The 10 Best Warm-Up Exercises to Do Before Your Workout

Loosen up and activate your body with these warm-up exercises.

7 Tricks that Turn Household Chores into Legit Workouts

Got laundry to fold? Dishes to wash? Floors to vacuum? Good news: You've got some free, quality workouts coming your...

19 of the All-Time Best Core Exercises That Will Get You in Incredible Shape

Strengthen the entire core and increase shoulder strength and stability.

The Best Workout for Every Age

Exercise can help no matter your age, but your needs change as you get older. Here's an easy plan to...

10 Extreme Workouts You Won’t Believe People Are Actually Doing

If you think your latest gym routine is tough as nails, just read through these intense—and slightly insane—exercises.

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23 Ways to Get in Shape Without Working Out

Our health experts weigh in on the ways you can get in shape without actually working out...

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15 Simple Ways to Avoid Summer Workout Dangers

Stay safe during your summer sweat sessions, whether you're logging miles on the road, doing laps in the pool, or...