Eye Care

Taking care of your eyesight is important. Learn about eye problems and how to maintain your eye health.

If You See This In One of Your Child’s Photos, It Could Be a Sign of Cancer

This little-known symptom takes just a second to look for.

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6 Surprising Diseases That Eye Doctors Find First

Your eyes are a window to the soul—and your general health. Here are conditions that eye doctors can discover during...

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7 Things That Could Happen If You Keep Rubbing Your Eyes

Rubbing your eyes may provide temporary relief, but the practice may also cause eye disease, worsen existing conditions, and increase...

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6 Reasons You Always Have Watery Eyes

Are your eyes always watering? The reasons range from everyday problems to more serious conditions.

7 Sneaky Signs You Need Reading Glasses

The most obvious symptom is blurry vision, but here are other surprising clues you might be overlooking.

10 Foods That Slash Your Risk of Macular Degeneration

You only get one set of eyes, and aging can do a number on their ability to function. Keep them...

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4 Things Your Eye Color Might Reveal About Your Health

Your risk for certain conditions, like melanoma, could be linked to your eye color.

Jennifer Aniston Has Lived with This Common Disorder for Years

Jennifer Aniston suffered from this common chronic condition for years without even knowing it. It affected her work, fitness, and...

Millions of People in the U.S. Have This Parasite—and May Not Realize It

The parasite often gets mistaken for dry or irritated eyes.

This Common Drink Could Prevent a Leading Cause of Blindness

A spot of tea might be just what the doctor ordered for protecting your eyesight, according to a new study.

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Science May Have Found a Safe, Effective Treatment for Eye Floaters

Eye floaters—that visible but mostly harmless junk in your eyes—are thoroughly annoying. Now, there might be a way to make...

The Blue Light from Your Electronic Devices Actually Has a Hidden Benefit, According to Science

Blue light can mess with your sleep-wake cycle, causing all kinds of problems. But blue light isn't all bad. In...

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11 Secrets Your Eye Doctor Won’t Tell You

Eye doctors reveal their secrets for the best way to take care of your eyes to improve your overall eye...

The 9 Most Common Eye Problems That Parents Miss

You might recognize pink eye but what about convergence insufficiency? These are the vision problems you don't want to miss...

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20 Simple Habits That Can Improve Your Vision

These habits may help lower the risk of eye diseases, like age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), cataracts, glaucoma, and dry...

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7 Foods That May Improve Your Eyesight

From eggs to oranges, these surprising foods may help protect your vision.

This Is Why You Have Tired Eyes After a Long Workday

We expose our eyes to a marathon just about every day, no wonder we have tired eyes after a long...

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7 Silent Signs You Might Have Eye Cataracts

Around the world, cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in those over the age of 40. The condition is...

This Is the Medical Reason Why Your Eye Twitches, and How to Stop It

Because you really need to stop unintentionally winking at the bus driver every day.

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18 Contact Lens Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Eyes

Nearly 30 million Americans wear contact lenses and no wonder: They allow you to see without the added distraction of...

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36 Everyday Habits That Can Save Your Eyesight

Protecting your eyes is the best way to preserve your vision over time, and it can be as simple as...

12 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Sunglasses

Shopping for sunglasses, especially online, can be daunting. Some styles come in different sizes, and each brand is trying to...

This Is What Would Happen If You Never Took Out Your Contacts

While there's no story on record of anyone who's never—ever—taken their contact lenses out, a recent case suggests that very...

The Real Reason Doctors Are Treating Pink Eye Wrong—and What You Should Do If You Have It

New research suggests that using antibiotic drops as a quick fix for severe pink eye is NOT the way to...

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The Eye Issue Affecting Productivity No One’s Talking About

Forget carpal tunnel—computer vision syndrome can compromise your work productivity, not to mention your eyesight. Here's what you need to...

The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Feeling shady? Optometrists and style experts shares their tips for finding the perfect pair of sunnies to flatter your face.

How to Find the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

You want to match your personal style and draw attention to your best features. Here's how to zero in on...