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Taking care of your eyesight is important. Learn about eye problems and how to maintain your eye health.

12 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Sunglasses

Shopping for sunglasses, especially online, can be daunting. Some styles come in different sizes, and each brand is trying to...

This Is What Would Happen If You Never Took Out Your Contacts

While there's no story on record of anyone who's never—ever—taken their contact lenses out, a recent case suggests that very...

The Real Reason Doctors Are Treating Pink Eye Wrong—and What You Should Do If You Have It

New research suggests that using antibiotic drops as a quick fix for severe pink eye is NOT the way to...

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The Eye Issue Affecting Productivity No One’s Talking About

Forget carpal tunnel—computer vision syndrome can compromise your work productivity, not to mention your eyesight. Here's what you need to...

The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Feeling shady? Optometrists and style experts shares their tips for finding the perfect pair of sunnies to flatter your face.

Ever Wondered Why Things Don’t Get Darker When We Blink?

It seems like the lights should flicker on and off during a blink, but we barely notice when our eyes...

Were You Supposed to Be Wearing Sunglasses Before Bed This Whole Time?

Yes, but don't go looking for your favorite summer shades just yet.

How to Find the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

You want to match your personal style and draw attention to your best features. Here's how to zero in on...

9 Things to Know Before You Buy Glasses Online

We buy everything online these days, including clothes, shoes, groceries, and even vacations, so why not glasses? If you're thinking...

7 Silent Signs You Could Have Dry Eye Syndrome (And Why You Can’t Ignore It)

More than just itchy, red, and painful, dry eyes can lead to permanent damage. Here's how to catch the...

6 Ways You’re Straining Your Eyes Without Realizing It

Unless your eyes start causing you pain, chances you pay them minimal attention. But when they’re irritated from eye strain—OUCH....

9 Things You Never Knew About Being Color Blind

These facts about a very common eye problem may surprise you.

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Improve Your Eyesight: Vision Boosters That Have Nothing to Do With Eating Carrots

Your brain receives more input from your eyes than all your other senses combined: They supply half the total information...

One Doctor Said I’d Go Blind Within 2 Weeks. But a Second Opinion Changed Everything.

The most important instruments in every doctor's toolkit are an open mind, listening ears, and the right words, carefully chosen....

A Woman With “Super Vision” on What It’s Like to See Almost 100 Million Colors

Where you see only gray, Concetta Antico sees violets and lavenders and turquoise.

Vitamins for Eyes: 5 Recipes to Avoid Macular Degeneration

An estimated 15 million Americans have age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss among adults over age 65....

3 Breakthroughs for Better Eyesight

The latest in vision research, eye news and more cutting edge technology for your peepers.

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When to Wear Sunglasses

Get the most from your sunglasses by sidestepping these pitfalls. Skipping sunglasses in the winter. Snow reflects 80 percent of

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3 Thoughts on Eyelash Growers

You’ve no doubt seen the ads with Brooke Shields touting Latisse a new eyelash-enhancing drug advertised. And maybe you have