9 Stylish Reading Glasses for Women

Updated: Oct. 20, 2021

If your eyes are struggling to focus on close-up objects, it's time to consider reading glasses. Here are several stylish options for women.

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Do you need reading glasses?

If you find yourself holding your smartphone, books, and other small objects a couple of feet away from your face to see them properly, it’s probably time to invest in a pair of reading glasses.

Reading glasses are for people who have trouble seeing things close-up, according to the National Eye Institute.

Optometrist Amanda Korth, OD, says you don’t need a prescription to get reading glasses. Trying on a few pairs of reading glasses for women is the best way to determine the right lens strength for you. However, she says eye exams are important for health in general, so don’t skip out on your yearly exam.

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How to find reading glasses that work for you

Whether you’re looking for your first pair of eyeglasses or new specs for your collection, you should consider lens power, fit, and budget.

Vision correction

Vision correction is the most important aspect of new specs. Reading glasses’ correction is described in diopters, a unit of magnifying power. Most brands offer reading glasses in increments of +0.25 or +0.50 diopters.

Unlike standard prescription specs, reading glasses don’t require a visit to your optometrist.

“The eye exam is more important for the health of the eyes than the glasses prescription,” Korth says. She recommends trying on several pairs of reading glasses to find the right correction and pair for you.

Fit and style

Optometrist Monica Hazien, OD, with Stanton Optical and My Eyelab, says to pay attention to fit over marketing labels. “There is no harm in a man wearing a women’s frame or vice versa,” she says.

“Frames marketed in the men’s selection tend to be more rectangular and square with neutral and darker colors. Women’s frames are usually marketed as glasses that are more round or cat-eye with more vibrant patterns and colors.”


Reading glasses are considerably more affordable than standard prescription specs. Still, the cost can vary from as little as $5 to more than $100 per pair. While some stylish, high-quality frames cost a pretty penny, don’t assume you need to spend a lot for reading glasses that work.

Stylish reading glasses for women

Whether you’re on the hunt for funky reading glasses that stand out from the crowd or sophisticated specs with classic style, there’s a pair on this list to match your needs.

To help you decide, we searched for the most popular and well-rated stylish reading glasses for women. Here’s what we found.

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Eyebobs Waylaid (Crystal)

Eyebobs Waylaid Glassesvia eyebobs.com

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These stunning clear frame glasses frames come in both average and wide sizes. The rounded acetate specs are designed to feel lightweight and comfortable, though the nose pads are plastic (not adjustable).

Eyebobs offers a virtual try-on enabled by your laptop or smartphone camera. Though the clear crystal frames are stylish and popular, you can also purchase Waylaid in solid colors and color fades.

All Eyebobs specs are available as traditional readers, blue-light-blocking readers, and progressive lens readers. Lens powers range from +0.00 to +4.00.

IVNUOYI 6 Pack Reading Glasses

Ivnuoyi 6 Pack Reading Glassesvia amazon.com

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These sturdy plastic reading glasses include spring-loaded hinges and solid, immoveable nose pads. The six-pack of readers from IVNUOYI offers an array of colors: solid black, clear, black and blue, black and blush, black and tortoise, and black and pink.

The variety makes this pack perfect for women who want a pair of readers in every room—or pairs for the office, car, bedroom, and living room.

Lens powers range from +1.00 to +2.75.

The Book Club’s The Iron, The Stitch

The Book Clubs The Iron The Stitchvia tbceyewear.com

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If you’re looking for a spectacularly fashionable set of reading glasses, the Book Club delivers.

These oversized round specs come in solid colors with bold gold hardware. Ensure you never misplace your glasses by pairing them with one of the brand’s chunky chains.

Frames come with an eyeglasses case and a 12-month warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. These readers are available in lens powers ranging from +1.00 to +3.00.

Eyebobs TV Party

Eyebobs Tv Partyvia eyebobs.com

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If you gravitate toward a funky librarian aesthetic, Eyebobs TV Party frames might become your new favorite pair of readers.

These bold round glasses come in purple and orange multicolor, yellow, clear, translucent red, or tortoise. The frames are also available in average or narrow sizes.

Like other Eyebobs glasses, these readers are available in powers from +0.00 to +4.00.

Peepers Wren

Peepers Wrenvia peepers.com

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You can buy these reading glasses from Peepers for less than $30, which is considerably more affordable than readers from brands like Eyebobs or Warby Parker.

These semi-transparent frames feature an ombre fade in teal, rust, or black. The bottom rims are clear for easy reading.

These stylish reading glasses come in magnification strengths from +1.00 to +3.00.

CADDIS Hooper Reading Glasses

Caddis Hooper Reading Glassesvia caddislife.com

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These CADDIS reading glasses evoke a 70s, aviator-sunglasses style. The frames come in gold or gunmetal, with lenses that are slightly tinted yellow or gray to match.

Tinted reading glasses are not for everyone, but the blend of readers and sunglasses can be helpful if you enjoy close work or paging through magazines in bright sunshine.

These trendy reading glasses cost just over $100 and come in magnification powers from +0.00 to +3.50.

Warby Parker Daisy (Violet Quartz Crystal with Polished Silver)

Warby Parker Daisy Glassesvia warbyparker.com

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You can try these petite cat-eye reading glasses from Warby Parker as part of the brand’s Home Try-On program.

The program allows customers to try five pairs of reading glasses at home for five days for free. Since these Daisy specs are available in extra narrow, narrow, medium, and wide, you can ensure a proper fit before committing.

The mottled purple-and-black frames come with lenses with a magnification power from +0.25 to +2.75.

Eyebobs Bonafide

Eyebobs Bonafide Glassesvia eyebobs.com

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These fun, geometric frames from Eyebobs feature a one-of-a-kind rounded shape with a flat top. The color options all pop, but the green crystal option includes a stylish emerald top that fades to crystal clear on the bottom.

Reading lenses are available in powers from +0.00 to +4.00.

Warby Parker Roland

Warby Parker Roland Glassesvia warbyparker.com

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If you have a broader-than-average face, Warby Parker’s Roland frames might fit you perfectly. These stylish tortoiseshell specs feature gently rounded, slightly thick rims. The result is a chunky set of reading glasses that look professional and sophisticated.

These reading glasses are available in magnification powers from +0.25 to +2.75.

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