Fatigue is a common term for feeling overtired or lacking energy. Learn about its causes and symptoms.

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3 Healthy Breakfast Makeovers for Long Lasting Energy

Typical Breakfast 3 4-inch (10-cm) white flour waffles with 3 tablespoons maple syrup 2 slices regular bacon 8 ounces (250

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How to Get Instant Energy

Your body creates energy from nutrients, oxygen and invigorating stimuli, such as fragrance. Natural mood, beauty and body boosters such

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13 Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump at Work

If you’re like many people, shortly after lunch your head begins buzzing, your concentration plummets, your eyes droop and the

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How to Increase Mental Energy

Everyone experiences moments when we feel sluggish or perhaps hyperactive. Sometimes our brains feel like they are stuck in mud