Five Amazing Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Watching your calories doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have a good time with your friends, and not every good time needs to be fueled by high-calorie beers and cocktails. Here are five amazing, low-calorie alcoholic drinks you can enjoy without worrying about the effects on your waistline. You’re probably familiar with at least a few of these, but why not give them new consideration now that you can see them in this context?

Next time you’re at the bar and you can’t bear the thought of another “diet beer,” give one of these a try instead.

1. Mojito. The mojito contains lime and mint, two ingredients that are naturally sweet with negligible calorie counts. Next time you’re out dancing, ask to have your mojito made with half the syrup – or go full-throttle and ask for none at all – and you’ve got a real winner.

2. Sea Breeze. If a vodka-cran is your usual drink of choice, try swapping the next one for a sea breeze. Made primarily with grapefruit juice with just a splash of cranberry (and of course, the vodka), you may find you enjoy the sweet-tartness just as much without taking in nearly as many calories.

3. Tequila and Soda. Want the margarita without all the sugar? Give a tequila and club soda a try – on the rocks, of course. Add a twist of lime to get that perfect taste. It may be just the ticket when you need something refreshing and zesty but you don’t want your waistline to suffer the consequences.

4. Gin and Tonic. Not only is this one of the most sophisticated drinks at the bar, it comes with a calorie count low enough that you may want to make this your go-to drink. Next time you want to try something new and you don’t want to go the fruity route, ask for a G&T. No one has to know that you found it here first!

5. Cuba Libre. Maybe you know it by that name, or maybe you just call it a rum and Coke. Either way, switch the soda to diet and you’ve got a low-calorie winner. This one is especially great if you’re already a Diet Coke enthusiast, because there’s no new taste to get used to.

Are none of these right for your next get-together? Here’s a good alternative: champagne! It’s classy, versatile, and well respected among grown ups, but best of all (for our purposes here today) it’s low in calories! So next time you have something to celebrate, pop that fancy bottle of bubbly and enjoy your toast, guilt-free.

These are just a sampling of the low-calorie alcoholic drink options. Try one of these on your next night out, or use your creativity to come up with a blend of your own!

Please remember that if you’re going to drink, drink responsibly. Never get behind the wheel of a car while you’re under the influence of alcohol – even if the influence is minimal. The rest of us thank you for making that decision. For more great drink ideas – check out!


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