Ten Chia Seeds Side Effects and Benefits

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After centuries of neglect, chia seeds are getting their time in the limelight as a fantastic dietary supplement.

While the benefits of chia seeds abound, there are also some cautions that need to be taken before adding this “superfood” to your diet. There aren’t many negative side effects to eating chia seeds, but it’s always wise to know the drawbacks before adding any dietary supplements. Here are five potential side effects of chia seeds.

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10 Chia Seed Side Effects

1. Flatulence. Probably the most common complaint about the chia seed is that it can give you a lot of gas. Most people who have this complaint are eating a large amount of chia seeds, though, so if you keep your consumption of them at the low to moderate level, you may avoid dealing with this particularly embarrassing but not particularly serious side effect.

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