5 Fast Food Treats We Want to See in Miniature

© Hemera/Thinkstock The debut of the Starbucks Trenta cup this week has caused a tempest in a very, very large

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The debut of the Starbucks Trenta cup this week has caused a tempest in a very, very large cup. At 916 milliliters, the new cold drink container is a whole soda can larger than the coffee chain’s Venti size. We think a glutton will find a way to stuff himself regardless of the size of the package, but we also can’t help but wonder why more fast food places aren’t going the opposite direction. Here are a few treats we’d like to see in miniature.

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1. Mini Frappuccinos

A Starbucks Venti Caramel Frappuccino is a whopping 490 calories! They should start making Frappuccinos in mini size. A little treat for us to enjoy–100 calories of pure indulgence. Their delicious mini donuts are a good model (130 calories vs. 490 calories for a regular size Chocolate Old-Fashioned Doughnut)! Oh, and we want mini cupcakes too!

2. Happy Meals for adults

We know a few people who sneak into McDonald’s for a Happy Meal because they’re lower in calories than regular size meals. Fast food restaurants should embrace this and make mini meals for adults. We think a 300-calorie Her Meal is a good idea: a hamburger, carrots with low-fat dip, and a diet coke (you throw in a big-girl toy too, like some sugar-free gum or a gift card to Sephora).

3. Mini ice cream cones and shakes

Ben & Jerry’s, Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone, Carvel etc., stop making us feel guilty for getting kids cones. Carvel we want to buy a 100-calorie bite of your delicious cake!

We also want mini shakes under 100 calories and mini sundaes! Then we will scream again for ice cream. Baskin Robbins, your small vanilla shake has 670 calories…seriously? Cold Stone your “Sinless” shakes start at over 500 calories. Just thinking about getting one of those has us headed to our trainers for confession.

4. Mini pizza bites on the go

On second thought these could be dangerous…. Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Pizza Rollers are a good start at 76 calories per piece. Let’s make them healthier! How about mini vegetable pizza bites?

5. Mini cinnamon rolls

Amazingly enough, cinnamon bun chains known for their calorie bombs are already making miniature versions.  T.J Cinnamons has mini Cinnachips and Cinnabon offers Cinnabon Bites for 350 calories for a 4 pack. But we still want to be able to buy individual mini-buns to have with a cup of coffee before a flight. Thanks!

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