18 Gorgeous Acai Bowls That Are Also Insanely Healthy For You

Updated: Aug. 16, 2017

These drool-worthy shots will have you making acai bowls for breakfast in no time.

Berries galore

Have you jumped on the acai bowl bandwagon yet? The superfood from Brazil is poised to be everyone’s favorite breakfast, and for good reason. This tropical fruit has multiple health benefits and tastes great (some say it tastes like ice cream!). You’ll not only feel full and satisfied after eating this sweet treat for breakfast, but you’ll also feel good about treating your body well. There is a catch, though—acai bowls can be expensive to make at home, since the fruit is native to Brazil.  In the U.S., acai is sold as a frozen puree and is typically found at health food stores.

Lucky enough to find the frozen puree?  Blending in fruit and some sort of liquid such as coconut or almond milk can help you achieve the right consistency at home. Once you’re done, you can go wild adding fresh fruit or oatmeal to complete your healthy and nutritious acai bowl. Need some inspiration? Check out some of these mouthwatering acai bowls captured for Instagram.

Bananas and coconut

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Acai flowers

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Fully loaded

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Crazy for kiwis

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Star fruit

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Natural flowers in acai

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Peanut butter pleasure

Topping of cashews and chocolate

Bananas, almonds, and oatmeal all around

Tasty blackberries

Colorful treat

Acai bowl flag

Layers on layers

White and red

Crunchy oatmeal

Bright colored breakfast