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The Health Benefits of Pumpkin and Its Power to Heal

Pumpkins: Their vitamin- and nutrient-rich flesh and seeds can improve your love life, promote weight loss, and smooth out your skin.

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Look Younger

According to the Mayo Clinic, pumpkins are an amazing source of vitamin A, an anti-aging nutrient that jump-starts your skin’s cell renewal process and increases the production of collagen for smooth, youthful-looking skin.

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Lose Weight

A cup of the orange veggie provides a healthy dose of fiber—about three grams—with just 50 calories and no fat. High fiber foods promote satiety; since your body takes longer to digest them, they may encourage you to eat less overall.

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Boost Your Sex Life

Pumpkin seeds provide a good dose of zinc (one-quarter cup contains almost 17 percent of your daily need). The mineral appears to play a role in men’s sexual health, including fertility, potency, and sex drive, according to  Discovery Fit and Health.

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Improve Prostate Health

In the early twentieth century, people used pumpkin seeds to treat enlarged prostate symptoms, Douglas Schar, DipPhyt, MCPP, told Prevention magazine. They contain protective compounds called phytosterols, which may help shrink the prostate. Schar recommends men eat about an ounce of pumpkin seeds three times a week.

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Treat Intestinal Worms

Pumpkin seeds can also help your body get rid of nasty gut parasites that can make you sick, according to registered pharmacist Debbie Edson in Living Well Magazine. They have traditionally been used for this purpose by Native Americans; even today, pumpkin seeds are used to treat tapeworms in some parts of Africa.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest