Organic Foods That Are Still Junk Food

Updated: Apr. 20, 2021

Just because it’s organic doesn’t mean it’s always good for you.


You may find soda that’s free of artificial colors, preservatives, and even the dreaded corn syrup. However, it’s still full of sugar even if it’s called organic liquid cane syrup, evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup, etc.

We suggest: Try some seltzer with lime or one of these calorie-free beverages.

Macaroni and cheese

Kraft’s ubiquitous blue box is now available with organic cheddar cheese! Gone are artificial colors and preservatives, but this food is still more of a snack than a meal. Plus it contains no vegetables and only 2 grams of fiber.

We suggest: Toss in some steamed vegetables to get more vitamins.

Ice Cream

We won’t deny that Stonyfield Farms Organic Crème Caramel ice cream is delicious. But with 260 calories per half cup serving it’s only 20 calories less than Häagen Dazs Crème Brulee ice cream.

We suggest: Stick with Häagen Dazs Vanilla Frozen Yogurt. It may not be organic, but it is all-natural and tastes just like vanilla ice cream. Plus, you get 9 grams of protein and live active cultures with every half cup. Just remember even this is a treat.

French Fries

Cascadian Farms Crinkle Cut fries have no hydrogenated oils and no preservatives. You cannot, however, deep fry them and eat them to your heart’s content.

We suggest: Portion control. They still have only 2 grams of fiber per serving.


Kashi makes perfect cereals with tons of fiber and great whole-grain products. They also make some darn delicious cookies, with the calorie content to match; at 130 calories per cookie, an apple is still a much better choice. Health food stores are lined with imitation Oreos and other types of cookies. But remember, these are still cookies.

We suggest: Don’t kid yourself. Enjoy in moderation.


Kettle Chips come in some delicious, unique flavors, like Chipotle Barbeque and Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper. Every single little ounce also comes with 150 calories and 9 grams of fat.

We suggest: Moderation is key, especially with chips, since the fat and calories can quickly add up. Pop your own popcorn for fewer calories and more fiber.

Others to look out for:

Peanut butter cups
Chocolate covered anything
Chocolate bars
Cheese Puffs

We suggest: Use common sense. If it’s breaded or fried, made with cheese or chocolate, creamy or sweet, then its junk food and should be treated as such.

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