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Recipes from Bob Harper’s ‘Skinny Rules’

The ‘Biggest Loser’ trainer makes healthy cooking a snap with these simple, tasty recipes.

Courtesy if The Skinny Rules Book

Bob Harper knows what it takes to lose weight and keep it off: he’s helped dozens of Biggest Loser contestants literally overhaul their eating and exercise habits for 13 seasons. In his new book, The Skinny Rules, he offers easy recipes that rely on whole foods and fresh flavors for taste. Most have only a few ingredients and a few steps, too. Next: Three recipes worth sharing.

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courtesy of the skinny rules book

B.E.S.T. Breakfast Sandwich

This hearty-but-light breakfast has a perfect mix of protein, fiber, and veggies—a good way to stay full and fueled until lunchtime. Eating breakfast every day is a must in Harper’s book.

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Bob’s Signature No-Oil Hummus

Hummus—a tasty dip made from garbanzo beans—is one of Harper’s favorite new snacks. He says he often eats the protein- and fiber-packed treat as a mid-afternoon bite, with cucumber slices and a squeeze of lemon.

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Roasted Fish

“I can see you rolling your eyes,” Harper writes of this recipe. “You think this is too hard? Trust me: this is really good! And easy.” Fish is an essential part of Harper’s diet, and he makes sure his contestants start eating it too. As he says in his book, “If you don’t start eating fish, you’re going to get fat again.” Fish’s weight-loss benefits probably come from some unique combination of fat, especially omega-3 fats, and protein.

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