The 10 Best Forearm Workouts for Mass Building

If you want a strong grip that helps you build other muscles, you have to spend some time on your forearms. These are ten of the best workouts for building mass and forearm strength.

Top Three Forearm Workouts for Mass

This video from Muscle Monsters focuses on three workouts designed to increase forearm mass. It starts with a few safety tips that will protect your wrists while helping you get the most from your workout. The exercises in this video include farmer walks, cliffhangers, and plate grips. If you don’t have a good set of free weights at home, you may want to do these in the gym. Each exercise is fairly simple, but you can get fast results when you follow the directions carefully and perform them regularly by adding them to your workout schedule.

Killer Forearms Workout From Buff Dudes

The guys from Buff Dudes included reverse curls, reverse wrist curl, and dumbbell wrist curls in this video. These three exercises will add strength and mass to your forearm. All of these exercises also increase grip strength that will make it easier to perform other intense exercises without relying on straps. If you are interested in building your biceps and triceps, then you have to use this killer forearm workout to protect yourself from injury while getting the most out of every session. These exercises are best for people who visit the gym or have home gyms.

Forearm Training Tips

Lee Hayword teaches you several exercises that you can add to your workout schedule. He recommends hanging from the pullout bar after every workout. He also recommends adding reverse curls to your regular arm workout. Hayword explains each of these exercises and demonstrates how to do them perfectly. The video explains the benefits of using hand grippers to build grip strength and forearm development. The video only lasts about five minutes, so you can learn how to perform these exercises quickly. If you have simple weights at home, you can do these exercises without hitting the gym.

Forearm Mass

This video explains the importance of building forearm strength before showing you how to perform three exercises that will improve grip and forearm strength. After each exercise, he explains how many times you should do them in a set and how you can slowly improve your performance. The forearm exercises require some basic free weights and dumbbells. If you have them at home, you can get the benefits you need without visiting the gym. If you do not have the right equipment, you may want to join a gym so you can use the weights during your workout.

Complete Forearm Workout

This exercise instructor has an interesting approach to forearm exercises. He starts by explaining that he doesn’t want to make a video showing how you can improve mass and strength in your forearms. He then goes on to explain how a variety of weightlifting workouts target the forearm as well as other muscles. Taking a combined approach offers multiple benefits while saving time. The video takes about ten minutes to watch. That may seem a bit long, but it will make your exercise sessions more rewarding. It’s definitely worth watching at least once.

The Best Forearm Exercises and Workouts for Mass

At over nine minutes, this is one of the longest videos on this list. It’s also one of the most comprehensive explanations of why you should focus on building forearm strength and mass and how you can reach your fitness goals as quickly as possible while avoiding injury. This video offers a lot more than just a few examples. The explanations of how each exercise targets the forearm is important for weightlifters who want to understand how their bodies work instead of just following directions from a trainer.

Full Force Forearm Workout

The Full Force Forearm Workout four exercises to increase mass and strength in the forearm. The goal of this workout sequence is to improve the forearm’s endurance. Weightlifters can reach this goal by reducing the resting periods between sets. Performing these exercises with only brief pauses between sets ensures that your forearm endurance will increase quickly. Adding bulk isn’t the main point, but it is a side effect of this workout routine. If you follow it, you should get stronger and bigger within weeks.

CT Fletcher’s Armed Warfare Arm Workout

At over 17 minutes, this is by far the longest video on this list. Fletcher likes to add random amounts of weight to forearm exercises because it keeps the muscles guessing. He and the people in his gym demonstrate how to perform these exercises so that you get quick results. It’s also a rather entertaining video, but it does contain some NSFW language. If you’re sensitive to curse words, this probably isn’t the right video for you. If you don’t mind, then this video may change the way you lift weights and build size.

Home Forearm Exercises

If you want to bulk up your forearms, but you don’t want to take time going to the gym or spend money on home equipment, this video will help you improve strength and size using nothing more than a folding chair. Over three and a half minutes, Athlean Xero shows you several ways to build your forearms with a chair. At first, results seem a little unlikely. By the end of the video, it becomes obvious that this is a great way for casual exercises to progress quickly so they can make more of their gym visits.

Muscle Mass Workout for Teens

Six Pack Shortcuts created this video to answer questions commonly received from teenagers who want to put on extra mass quickly. The video targets three exercises that can help teens reach this goal. Bench presses are shown to increase chest, shoulder, and arm size. Deadlifts and barbell squats are also good ways to add bulk to the forearms, corer, and legs. This is a complete explanation of how beginners can fit a lot of exercises into a pretty short amount of time. It only takes about three minutes to watch the video, so it’s certainly worth it.


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