20 Really Good Dares For Truth Or Dare

If you have a large group of people over for a party, it can be fun to play a game that will involve everyone.  Truth or dare might seem like a game just for kids, but it can be a great way to engage all of your friends and to learn something new about them as well.  Truths can be revealing, but the dares are what make the game fun.  Here are 20 really good dares to try out the next time you play.

Sing an entire song out loud in front of everyone.

The person who does the daring can choose the song, just make sure the other person knows the song.  If they know all the words it’s more fun for everyone involved and it’s a great way to see your friend pretend they’re a rock star!

Imitate an animal for one minute.

Make the person taking the dare pretend they’re a monkey or a dog or a lion for an entire minute.  The more noise the animal makes the better the dare is going to be and the more fun the group will have.

For the rest of the game, talk in a foreign accent.

This is the perfect time to see if your friends know how to talk like a Parisian, Italian, or any other foreign country you can think of.  This is also a fun dare because it lasts the whole game and you can have fun reminding the person to talk in their accent.

Do the chicken dance in public.

Everyone knows how to do the chicken dance, but no one wants to have to do it alone which makes this a perfect dare.  Make sure you’re in a location where people can see the lucky person doing their best chicken dance. 

Have an ice cold soda can placed on the back of your neck for 30 seconds.

Talk about a wake up call!  This one is for the bravado of the group who thinks they’re impervious to physical things.  An ice cold soda can right on the back of your neck is a great and icy dare.

Act like a famous celebrity.

Dare someone to pretend they’re a famous person of your choosing.  This is a fun way to see if they can imitate their mannerisms or maybe even act out one of their more popular roles.  

Eat a snack without your hands.

The messier the snack with this dare, the better!  Think pudding or jello or a Twinkie.  Or give them a time limit and have them eat a bunch of Cheerios or pretzels.  If they slip up and start using their hands, have them start over with a new snack. 

Wear your pants backward for the rest of the game.

Have the person go into the bathroom and switch their pants around and make them wear their pants that way for the rest of the game.  A little uncomfortable for them but pretty funny for the rest of the group. 

Rhyme everything for the next two rounds.

This one is a little bit of a brain teaser and will make the person think.  For the next two round of the game, the person taking the dare has to rhyme everything they say.  Who knows?  Maybe they’re a poet but they just don’t know it!

Create a rap about an inanimate object.

Turn your friend into the next big rapper and make them come up with an impromptu rap about something in the room.  A little ditty about napkins, coasters, or shoelaces can make everyone in the group laugh. 

Walk like a model down a runway.

Turn the room into a runway and dare the person to do their best catwalk.  Give them bonus points if they strike a pose at the end.  This is a great dare for the guys in the group. 

Eat a teaspoon of the hottest hot sauce you have on hand.

Don’t make them chug a whole bottle of the stuff, but make sure they eat enough to cause a little discomfort.  If you don’t have any hot sauce try spicy mustard, wasabi, or horseradish instead.  They’ll feel the burn with any one of those condiments!

Read the last text message you got out loud.

Hopefully, you’ll get an embarrassing text from mom or grandma with this dare.  It can still be fun though if it’s just a regular text because you can make up the content that came beforehand!

Anytime someone says “like”, shout “Ah Oooga!”

This is a fun one because we all say “like” a lot more than we realize.  The person doing the dare will have to pay attention to what everyone is saying to they make sure they don’t miss a “like”. 

Peel a banana with your feet.

An entertaining dare for everyone except maybe the banana peeler.  Get a banana and see if the person can get the whole thing unpeeled using only their feet and toes.  Set a time limit so you don’t have to watch them struggle for too long.  And make sure no one eats the banana…

Act out a favorite movie scene.

The possibilities are endless with this one.  You can choose a popular one from a blockbuster like Star Wars or Harry Potter or you can make them channel their inner dramatic actor and try some real tearjerkers like The Notebook and Marley and Me.

Do a headstand for one minute.

If the person doing the dare likes to brag about their physical prowess, have them try and do a headstand for one full minute.  If they need some help, you can hold their feet or have them use a wall for support. 

Try to sell a piece of garbage to the person next to you.

This can be a challenge for even the savviest businessman.  Give the person 2 minutes to try and sell a piece of garbage, like a candy wrapper, to the person next to them.  It will be funny to see what selling points they come up with. 

Pretend your hand is super glued to the person on your right.

This works even better if the two people don’t really know each other.  Have them hold hands and don’t let go for the rest of the game.  No matter what happens, make sure their hands stay together. 

Do everything in slow motion for the next two rounds.

Talking, walking, eating, have the person doing the dare complete those tasks in slow motion.  This is a fun one for the whole group because it can take the person forever just to do a simple thing like eat a chip. 

Truth or dare is a really fun game to play and there are plenty of fun dare ideas that will get the whole group laughing and really enjoying the game.  Write these ideas on slips of paper and put them into a big bowl so the dares are random and the game is even more fun! 


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