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7 Things That Could Happen If You Start Waking Up an Hour Earlier

Hit the snooze button no longer. By adding an extra hour to the day, you could reap huge benefits for your diet, your appearance, and your job.


You could squeeze in some exercise

Not a morning person? To start waking up earlier, you don’t have to be—just quit snoozing, and keep moving! Going to the gym before the sun’s up is a great way to seize the day, and the habit can even boost your mood and productivity. For lifestyle blogger Jessica Booth, rising and shining created time for a morning yoga routine. “My session woke me up, gave me energy, and just generally made me feel more relaxed and less stressed,” she wrote for Plus, getting your workout done earlier in the day can free up the evenings for any unexpected events or responsibilities that might pop up. Still doubtful? We bet you haven’t tried these tricks for exercise motivation.


You could eat healthier

When you’re running late, it might be tempting to grab a fast food burrito or give in to donut temptation on your way to the office. But all of those extra morning calories can add up fast. In a 2011 Northwestern University study, late sleepers consumed 248 more calories a day, twice as much fast food, and half as many fruits and veggies as early risers. The night owls also had a higher average BMI. Instead, use your extra hour in the morning to cook a healthy, high-protein breakfast (say, of eggs, fruit, and whole wheat toast) to keep you feeling satisfied and curb your cravings all day long.


You could improve your mood

Waking up with the sun might give you a sunnier disposition, too! Studies have shown that early risers are happier and more positive than people who wake up late, agreeing more often with statements like “I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself” and “I feel in charge of making things happen.” Morning people have also reported feeling healthier, most likely because their internal clocks are aligned with the rising and setting of the sun. Here more health advantages of being a morning person.


You could feel less anxious

A late start to the morning could spell disaster for the rest of your day, leaving you rushing around with a million thoughts running through your head. Instead, use the quiet, peaceful time in the morning to make a to-do list or record your thoughts in a journal. Doing so can calm your mind and prepare you for the day ahead. Meditation can also give you a mental boost for the rest of the day; studies have found that meditating can help ease anxiety, improve reasoning skills, and maintain strong relationships.


You could look more put together

Not only could waking up earlier make you feel better, but it could help you look better, too. An extra hour in the morning means you can spend more time on the little things: ironing a shirt, fixing your hair, clipping your nails, etc. Plus, research has shown that appearing more put together has huge professional perks; in a 2013 study, 80 percent of respondents said that job candidates’ attire and appearance had a “great impact” on their likelihood of being hired. Try these almost effortless way to become a morning person.


You could be more productive

No coworkers? No problem. A quiet morning at your cubicle creates an uninterrupted period of productivity. Without the cacophony of meetings, emails, and conversations buzzing around the office, you can get a head start on the day before anyone else steps foot in the door. Here’s how to be more productive in your first hour of work.


You could avoid the crowds

Getting caught in rush hour traffic can ruin your day before you even sit down at your desk. Instead, leave your house an hour earlier to avoid the congestion and snag a more convenient parking spot at work. And if you have a little extra time, you can even treat yourself to a latte or cappuccino on your way in. Try these tips for waking up in the morning without a struggle.

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