Researchers Discover That Light Can Actually Relieve Migraines (No, Seriously)

It's turns out it's the color of the light that makes all the difference.

Have you ever stopped to think about all the health benefits of light? Light can beat seasonal affective disorder, light can help make waking up a bit easier, and yes, light can simultaneously fuel a sweet rave party and treat Alzheimer’s.  The practical applications of light therapy continue to grow as more research is completed, and a recent study has shown that green LED light therapy may be the newest solution to migraines.


In a study conducted by University of Arizona professors Rajesh Khanna and Mohab Ibrahim, participants with chronic migraines looked at a green LED light for one to two hours each day for 10 weeks and then have the scale of their pain logged.

The group who received the green light treatment saw a decrease in pain by 40 to 50 percent. The inspiration for the project was familial for Ibrahim, who had a brother who frequently turned down traditional pain medication when he was experiencing headaches. Ibrahim’s brother’s solution was a bit more natural, according to UANews.

“It didn’t occur to me until recently that Wael’s headaches were getting better when he just sat among the trees…Sometimes I get headaches myself, so I go to a park and sit there, and I do feel better, I thought, why is this happening? It could be because it’s quiet. You’re meditating, and life slows down, but I can also be quiet in my office, and it doesn’t take the headaches away. Then I thought maybe it’s the trees.”


The green light filtering through the leaves seemed to be the x-factor, so Ibrahim looked to replicate it. The study’s green lights were such a hit that the participants wanted to keep them, and Khanna and Ibrahim obliged.

So, next time you have a migraine, maybe try the park, it has the green thumbs up from science. Or, give one of these 10 migraine remedies a go

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