Doctors and Providers

Visiting doctors and providers is essential for maintaining our health. Get tips and tricks from nurses, physicians, and more.

Would You Have Volunteered for this Bizarre Medical Research?

The methodologies in these scientific studies may be a little unorthodox but the experts swear these actual studies are going...

When Doctors Don’t Know the Best Medical Advice

Some of their outdated tips may compromise your care or sabotage your health goals. Here, medical advice you can safely...

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Common Ailments: When to Call the Doctor?

From age spots that could be cancerous to bad breath that could spell kidney trouble, we found expert answers to...

Doctors Confess Their Fatal Mistakes

Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists hold your life in their hands. Here, their shocking stories of what can go wrong—and what...

Decode Your Doctor’s Language

Medical speak is filled with tricky shorthand that can be confusing, condescending, and even life threatening, but not anymore: Be...

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Make Your Doctor Visits Work for You

Experts have found that doctors tend to interrupt patients just 20 to 30 seconds after they begin speaking during an

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Is Your Doctor a Dud?

Whether you just received a scary diagnosis or moved to a new town, consult a variety of sources to find

How to Checkup on Your Doctor

You can flip through Consumer Reports to find vacuums and cars, but it's way harder to ascertain the quality of...

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9 Tips for Doctor Visits That Work

By now, it’s a world-famous statistic: Experts have found that doctors tend to interrupt patients just 20–30 seconds after they

How You Can Reduce Medical Errors

Stay safe during your hospital stay with these guidelines.

Doctors Spill Their Secrets to Getting the Best Medical Treatment

Dr. Oz explains how smart patients approach their health care.

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7 Home Health Checks That Can Save Your Life

1. Do a Wheeze Check Untreated asthma leads to 1.8 million ER visits and 4,000 deaths a year. Asthma can

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Is Your Doctor Out of Date?

Sharon Sakson was walking into her kitchen to make a sandwich one February afternoon when a sudden burst of what

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6 Mistakes Your Doctor May Be Making

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE The mistake your doc may be making: Sticking with lifestyle changes when you need drugs. The evidence

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How to Talk to a Doctor

It’s one of the sorriest stats in modern medicine: The average doctor’s appointment lasts 15 minutes or less. No wonder

41 Secrets Your Doctor Would Never Share

Those free medication samples may not be the best - or safest. Find out what else doctors shared with Reader's...

How to Be a Smart Patient

An insider's guide to getting the best medical treatment, from "You: The Smart Patient: An Insider's Handbook for Getting the...

10 Questions That Could Save Your Life

What you need to ask the doctor when every moment counts.

How to Find a Good Doctor

Insider advice for getting the best medical care.

How to Really Communicate With Your Doctor

How to get more out of your doctor visit.