Doctors and Providers

Visiting doctors and providers is essential for maintaining our health. Get tips and tricks from nurses, physicians, and more.

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9 Tips for Doctor Visits That Work

By now, it’s a world-famous statistic: Experts have found that doctors tend to interrupt patients just 20–30 seconds after they

Doctors Spill Their Secrets to Getting the Best Medical Treatment

Dr. Oz explains how smart patients approach their health care.

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7 Home Health Checks That Can Save Your Life

1. Do a Wheeze Check Untreated asthma leads to 1.8 million ER visits and 4,000 deaths a year. Asthma can

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6 Mistakes Your Doctor May Be Making

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE The mistake your doc may be making: Sticking with lifestyle changes when you need drugs. The evidence

41 Secrets Your Doctor Would Never Share

Those free medication samples may not be the best - or safest. Find out what else doctors shared with Reader's...

How to Really Communicate With Your Doctor

How to get more out of your doctor visit.