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How to Talk to a Doctor

It’s one of the sorriest stats in modern medicine: The average doctor’s appointment lasts 15 minutes or less. No wonder

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How to Talk to Your Parents About Aging

There’s no easy way to broach the tough but inevitable conversations many of us will have to have with one

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The Complete List of Action Plan Websites

Learn more about the 18 Big Ideas to Reform Health Care in America 1. Fight the Big Five Find out

Prescription Drug Side Effects: Take As Directed

Nearly 30% of us stop taking our medicines before we should. Why playing doctor can be a dangerous game.

41 Secrets Your Doctor Would Never Share

Those free medication samples may not be the best - or safest. Find out what else doctors shared with Reader's...

How to Be a Smart Patient

An insider's guide to getting the best medical treatment, from "You: The Smart Patient: An Insider's Handbook for Getting the...

10 Questions That Could Save Your Life

What you need to ask the doctor when every moment counts.

How to Find a Good Doctor

Insider advice for getting the best medical care.

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Mixing Medication and Exercise

Is there a best time to exercise? The short answer is yes: anytime you can fit it into your schedule.

How to Really Communicate With Your Doctor

How to get more out of your doctor visit.