How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Quiz

Girls are very subtle in how they conduct themselves around a guy they like. However, it is possible to discern their true feelings by observing certain practices and behaviors. The ‘how to tell if a girl likes you’ quiz below will guide our effort in doing so.

Does she fidget with her hair in your presence?

Women do this as a reflex when they’re near a guy they think is attractive.

Does she flick her hair when you’re around?

This is another almost primal instinct. It’s a way of drawing your attention to her.

Does she hold your gaze for a moment and then nervously look away?

You may be looking at her when she suddenly looks up and sees you doing so. A woman who has a thing for you will feel embarrassed and look away, but not before she shoots you a little gaze and smile of her own.

Has she gone from no make-up to full make-up?

If you’ve noticed a sharp change in the way she makes herself up, you should take this as a sign.

Does she return your stares with stares of her own?

The girl may be especially bold and forward. If that is the case, then she will not only welcome your stares but make long, intense ones of her own.

Does she laugh a lot around you?

This is another attention-getting gesture. She may not even realize she’s doing it. However, if you notice this happening a lot, then you’re probably in her thoughts.

Has she broken the touch barrier?

The subtlety with which some women do this is extraordinary. It can be something as simple as a brief but conscious brush of a fingertip across your hand.

Has she invited you to break the touch barrier?

She may invite you to break the touch barrier by putting herself so close to you that you are almost compelled to do so.

Does she exaggerate the sway of her hips when she walks away from you?

This is a classic move of seduction. Who knows how or why this worked itself into our evolutionary instinct, but women sway their hips and men respond to it. The harder the former is done the more intense is the latter felt.

Is she receptive to your compliments?

A woman who doesn’t fancy you will blow you off by either ignoring you or being superficially nice to you. A woman who really likes you will accept your compliments in a rather embarrassed way.

Does she speak about you to her friends?

If you name is mentioned in conversation with her friends, then she probably likes you.

Does she point her toe at you when she crosses her legs?

Again, this is another instinctual thing.

Does she show explicit signs of flirting?

One of the great things about flirting is that it can be done in so many ways. You really can’t describe what flirting is in any definitive way, but you know it when you see it.

Does she like it when you flirt with her?

If she responds in kind when you flirt with her, then you’re probably in. Go on with the pursuit, but keep things interesting. The fastest way to turn off a girl is to bore her.

Has she gone from glasses to contacts?

This is a tell-tale sign that she likes you. If she has suddenly gone from wearing glasses to wearing contacts, she is trying to impress.

Does she listen intently whenever you speak?

A woman who cares nothing for you will pay little attention to what you have to say. A woman who is really into you will hang on your every word.

Has she given hints that she would like you to ask for her phone number?

You can probably tell when this is happening. It may begin with “I just need someone to call me to confirm…” or something of that sort. She will make it seem as though she’s addressing herself to everyone who happens to be in the room. But she is really speaking to only one person: you.

Has she given you her phone number?

If she has given you her phone number, then you’re in.

Has she given hints that she would like you to ask her out?

Again, this can be done in a number of ways. She may make suggestions about how she would like to go see a new film or something of that sort.

Has she asked you out?

A girl who asks you is one who really likes you. This happens more than you think. Women of the twenty first century are not as prudish about such matters.

This list of questions is meant to help you pick up the right signals from a girl who you suspect likes you. Now all you need to do is make your own moves. Good luck!


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