How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Quiz

When a guy likes you, he will give off certain signs. He can’t help it. Answering the questions below will give you some insight into some of the things guys do when they have a crush.

Does he stare at you?

This is probably the best indication that he’s into you.

Does he make opportunities to talk to you?

If he seems to always maneuver his way into your company, then something is up.

Does he get fidgety when he’s around you?

You will be able to spot many physical indications that a guy likes you. Some play it cool, but you may notice that others swallow hard when they’re speaking and can’t seem to be calm and still when in conversation.

Does he try to be alone with you?

He may try to get you out of the company of your friends and other people. It’s embarrassing enough asking for your phone number. He doesn’t want to do it in front of others.

Does he talk about you to his friends?

This is a sure sign that he really likes you. Guys never talk about a woman to their friends unless they are really into her.

Does he try too hard to act casual when he’s around you?

As some guys sweat and stutter when speaking to a woman they like, others go to the other extreme and try too hard to be smooth and in control.

Does he ask you what you like to do whenever the two of you speak?

If he is always turning the conversation to your interests and hobbies, he’s probably on the verge of asking you out.

Does he smile at you when the two of you make eye contact?

He may stare at you a lot. You may, on occasion, stare back. A guy who likes you will crack a smile when this happens. Watch out for it. It is a definite sign.

Have you noticed any significant improvements in his attire?

Guys like to show off for the girl they like. If you have noticed that he has changed the way he dresses since he’s met you, then he likes you—there is little doubt about it.

Does his breath always smell like mint or mouthwash when he’s speaking to you?

A guy who doesn’t care one way or the other about what you think about his hygiene will do little to improve it. A guy who likes you will go the extra mile to put themselves in the best possible light when around you—this includes ensuring that their breath is fresh and pleasant.

Is he always offering to bring you a coffee?

The guy who likes you may be someone in the office. If he goes out of his way to ask you if you’d like a cup of coffee or any other beverage from the office canteen, he probably likes you.

Does he avoid mention of any other women when speaking to you?

The non-mention of either a present or past girlfriend is a sign. Or, if he does mention a girl and rushes to qualify her as “just a friend”, then he probably has a thing for you.

Is he always talking up his accomplishments?

Guys like to show off and build themselves up in front of a girl they like. His bragging about the things he has achieved is done to impress you. Don’t judge him too harshly. A guy who does this is responding to a primitive need to appear as a Big Man.

Does he raise and deepen his voice when around you?

Again, many guys do this unconsciously. It is an attempt to exude masculinity. Take it for what it’s worth.

Does he constantly pay you compliments?

He may say little things about your hair or your eyes. Rarely will a guy take notice of new shoes or a nice blouse. They tend to stick with the flesh.

Have you noticed sudden bursts of generosity from him?

He may want to show you what a good person he is. Acts of generosity may be directed towards you and the people around you.

Has he asked for your phone number?

Give it to him and see what happens

Did he call you right away when you gave him your number?

If he calls you within twenty four hours, he’s definitely into you.

Has he asked you out?

Make a date and see how it goes.

Did he take you to a very nice and expensive restaurant?

If he takes you somewhere that’s really fine and elegant, then you know he really likes you. Guys only go out of their way to impress when they’re really into the person.

The behavior of a guy who likes you may be varied. You should always be on the lookout for this kind of behavior, so you can make your own moves in response to it.


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