10 Good Ice Breaker Questions For Adults, Kids and Work

Ice breaker questions are great conversation starters.  They are used in social gatherings such as bridal showers and birthday parties where not everyone knows everyone else.  They are used in company meetings.  They are used at seminars and workshops of all kinds.  They can be funny or serious.  They can center on the past, the present, or an imagined future.  The point of ice breaker games and questions is to get people talking and learning a bit about one another.  They questions should be open-ended and require more than a “yes” or “no” answer.  They should also be about something that applies to everyone.  Here are some great questions to use as ice breakers:

Name One That Goal You Would Like to Accomplish

This goal can be immediate or long term.  It is future oriented.  Each respondent can answer as freely as they feel comfortable.  Each may have goals that are deep-rooted and private, as well as goals they want to make public.  This is a straightforward question and one that most respondents have no problem in answering.  Learning about a person’s goals can show a great deal about who they are and what is important to them.

What is the Strangest Thing You’ve Ever Eaten?

This is a fun question.  Some people are sure to have eaten crazier things than others.  Did you eat a bug as a kid?  Have you tasted alligator?  All of these things are fun to talk about.  This question does not seem to dig into a person’s motivations or desires but will allow the group to have fun.  Having fun together is the first step in opening up.  Only then will they be able to work together as one cohesive group.

If You Could Be Anyone, Who Would You Be and Why?

An alternate reality question, this is also a fun question, but it can also help others in the group learn about the respondent.  Everyone thinks about walking in another person’s shoes from time to time.  What would it be like?  This question breaks down a person’s natural barriers, but allows them to do so as an alter-ego.

If They Made a Movie About Your Life, What Type of Movie Would It Be, and Who Would Play You?

Each respondent will choose their own genre of movie and the person to play the leading role.  This may be a more difficult one to start with, but after the group has opened up a bit, they will have a great deal of fun casting the roles of people in their own lives.

Would You Rather Visit 100 Years in the Past or 100 Year in the Future and Why?

Each respondent will have a good idea of what life may have been like in the past, but none will be sure what the future holds.  Both answers allow each person to use their imagination, however.  Each person can imagine himself as whatever he may want to be in either the past or the future.  This can also say a lot about a person, their motivations and their desires.

If Money & Time Were No Object, What Would You Be Doing Right Now?

Taking all of the logical barriers away also allows people to use their imagination and open up to possibilities.  This is also a great question used to let others get to know each respondent.  Learning where they would like to be without any restrictions says a lot about a person.  This can be a great first question for a group.

Who Was Your Favorite Music Group in High School?

While this question may also lead others to guess the approximate age of the respondent, it can also open a dialogue about many other things – fashions of the day, beliefs in place then and other important, character-revealing factors.  Sharing musical interests, and discussions about music, are a great way for people to learn about one another in a non-threatening way.

How Do You Spend a Rainy Day?

Quiet time activities can say a lot about a person.  This is also a non-threatening question, but one that can reveal a great deal about the character of the respondent.  Do they spend the day playing games with their children? Or are they apt to snuggle up on the couch with a good book?  Icebreaker questions like this give each person a small glimpse into the lives of others in the group.

If You Were Sent to the Space Station for 3 Months and Could Only Bring 3 Things, What Would They Be and Why?

This question basically asks a person what the most important things in their life are.  What are the 3 things they would not want to be without, even for a few months?  But the question does this by introducing an unexpected setting.

What is the Secret to a Good Life?

The answer to this question may be similar for some people in the group.  It may be drastically different.  Some people value their family, others their freedom.  Some value a nice place to live while others value a nice car or a good education.  All of these things will tell something about the respondent’s personality and let everyone in the group learn about them.

Ice breaker questions and game are a great way for people in group to get to know each other.  They are not only helpful for first time meetings, but to build a cohesive team over time.  The questions should be open-ended.  Keeping the icebreakers fun is a sure way to relax everyone in the group and to let them have a good time together.


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