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9 Reopened Places that Have Already Closed Again

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on throughout the world, these spots are closing their doors once again after another surge in cases.

Small business closed for covid-19 lockdownRidofranz/Getty Images

The pandemic is far from over

Many places were quick to reopen after a drop in coronavirus infections in their respective locations, but some spots are now suffering the consequences of another virus spike as cases continue to surge around the country—and the world. With public health at a huge risk, some previously opened places are closing up once again in order to curb the spread of the virus. These are just a few of the many locations that are experiencing record high numbers and are under new, yet familiar, guidelines once again. Even if a spot is open, don’t miss these places doctors won’t go during a pandemic.

Ohio And Illinois Order All Bars And Restaurants To CloseScott Olson/Getty Images
Sluggers, a family-owned sports bar and grill, Chicago, Illinois.

Bars in Chicago

Unfortunately, bars are one of the places you’re likely to catch coronavirus. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that bars in Chicago will no longer be able to serve alcohol indoors. After closing their doors in mid-March, the city reopened bars on June 17, but Chicago exceeded the limit of over 200 new cases per day in mid-July, halting the sale of alcohol inside bars once again. Although this is could be a devastating loss for bar owners, the shutdown hopes to curb the spread of the disease and prevent further losses (and potentially a second coronavirus wave).

Bar in Austin, Texas.

Bars in Texas

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has reversed the reopening process that began in April due to the recent spike in coronavirus cases. Abbott blames Texans congregating in bars for the increasing numbers, which is flooding hospitals with thousands of people per day. He has also placed restrictions on outdoor gatherings to no more than 100 people, a huge drop from the former maximum of 500. Even with gatherings allowed, it’s still important to wear a face covering. (Here’s why reopening early could spell disaster.)

Public park closure signL Rya Photography/Getty Images
Public park closure sign posted in Ohio due to the Ohio Republican Governor orders.

Parks in Ohio

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced back on June 12 that recreational areas such as parks and playgrounds could reopen, but since cases are on the rise, these previously opened spaces have been closed once again. With Cuyahoga County and South Euclid being hotspots, these areas are under close watch in particular to protect the health of the community. If you can safely venture outside this summer make sure you’re not making these mistakes.

Bogota Starts Rotating Lockdown System Against CoronavirusGuillermo Legaria/Getty Images

Bogota, Colombia

Mayor Claudia Lopez of Bogota, the capital city of Colombia, has reinstated a rotating lockdown for the city as the number of Covid-19 cases threatens to collapse the country’s healthcare system. The lockdown will remain in effect until the projected peak passes at the end of August. Lopez has also stated that she will guarantee a universal basic income and food distribution to the locked-down parts of the city.

Hong Kong Disneyland Reopens Amid The Coronavirus PandemicBilly H.C. Kwok/Getty Images

Hong Kong Disneyland

Less than one month after reopening, Disneyland in Hong Kong is closing once again in order to prevent the number of coronavirus cases from reaching uncontrollable highs—luckily, at the moment, you can still visit some reopened Disney parks in the United States. The city is also demanding gyms and bars to close, imposing a strict limit on public gatherings and fining anyone who refuses to wear a mask on public transit. Hotels serving the Disneyland area will remain open as of now with stringent safety measures in place.

Ignoring COVID19 4th. of July Newport Beach Flooded StreetIrfan Khan/Getty Images
Spectators ignore COVID-19 restrictions along the Wedge in Newport Beach, California.


Governor of California Gavin Newsom has restored restrictions on bars, restaurants, gyms, and office work to control the recent surge in coronavirus infections. Two of the state’s largest school districts, Los Angeles and San Diego, have decided to impose online instruction when school resumes next month. (Here’s a list of face masks your kids will actually want to wear in school.)

St. Louis Area Mourns Death of Chuck BerryMichael B. Thomas/Getty Images

Restaurants in St. Louis

There are many ways your favorite restaurants might change after coronavirus, and that includes more temporary closures. In St. Louis, Missouri, some restaurants have temporarily closed again due to staff members testing positive for the virus, or guests testing positive. Even though it is not required by law, many establishments are letting their customers know if a staff member has a positive test. (Here are the reopened places that might never be clean enough.)

Arizona Continues To See Rise In Coronavirus CasesChristian Petersen/Getty Images

Entertainment in Arizona

While in some parts of the country, you might see these things in re-opened movie theaters, you won’t if you’re in Arizona since they’ve reversed their reopening. After the stay-at-home order expired in May, Arizona began to see a rise in cases of the coronavirus. Governor Doug Ducey called for the reclosure of bars, restaurants, and water parks as the numbers continue to go up. Arizona is currently seeing thousands of new infections per day. (No matter where you go, make sure you clean these things when you get home.)

Coronavirus precautions n JerusalemAnadolu Agency/Getty Images


Gyms have closed completely in Israel and takeaway only is allowed from restaurants. The government also imposed new weekend restrictions including the reclosing of beaches, nonessential stores, hairdressers, salons, libraries, museums, and other tourist attractions, as well as restrictions on gatherings over ten people, causing an outcry from local synagogues. Next, check out the coronavirus myths you need to stop believing.

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