Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are everywhere. Learn about infection symptoms, types of infections, prevention and more.

9 Reopened Places that Have Already Closed Again

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on throughout the world, these spots are closing their doors once again after another...

How Covid-19 Is Related to Broken Heart Syndrome

Covid-19-related stress and anxiety may raise broken heart syndrome risk, which can mimic the symptoms of a heart...

Covid-19 Alert: These Are the Most Promising Vaccines

There are about 200 different Covid-19 vaccines under development, with some showing promise. These four are nearing the finish...

5 Most Promising Covid-19 Drugs

With a coronavirus vaccine still a distant possibility, we could all use a little good news right now: These...

Does Hot Weather Kill Coronavirus?

Isn't summer supposed to slow down the new coronavirus? The hot weather might help, say Covid-19 experts, but...

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11 Reopened Places That May Never Be Clean Enough

Even with stricter cleaning protocols in place, these spots may never be as clean as we would like.

1 in 3 Young Adults May Face Severe Covid-19 Symptoms If They Get Sick—Here’s Why

Some young adults are at higher risk of severe Covid-19 symptoms than others, and researchers are trying to tease out...

My Covid-19 Test Was First Positive, Then Negative: Why It Matters

After I tested positive on a rapid antigen Covid-19 test, I did a nasal swab test and got a negative...

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8 Best Hand Sanitizers for Dry Skin

Here are some of the best (and safest) hand sanitizers to use if you have dry skin and...

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6 Places You’re Most Likely to Catch Coronavirus

As states begin to reopen, experts warn against visiting spots where coronavirus has been most likely to spread.

Covid-19 Infections Are Rising Fast in Millennials—Here’s Why

Young people thought they didn't need to worry as much about novel coronavirus, but now new Covid-19 cases...

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How My Covid-19 Hallucinations May Have Saved My Life

After testing positive for coronavirus, this hospital employee shares her shocking experience with hallucinations and hearing voices.

17 Face Masks with a Sense of Humor

These face masks will put a smile on everyone's face.

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Covid-19 Alert: Talk to Your Doctor if You’re Taking This Heartburn Drug

New research suggests that popular heartburn drugs may be linked to a higher risk of Covid-19. But if you're taking...

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Does UV Light Kill Coronavirus?

One type of ultraviolet light—UVC—may help kill viruses and reduce the transmission of Covid-19, but a UV light expert...

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8 Best Face Mask Messages on Instagram

Wearing a face mask in public can help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Why not have a little fun...

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Covid-19 Alert: Two Cleaning Products that Kill Coronavirus, According to Science

The feds signed off on these two cleansers as effective coronavirus killers, but there's more you need to know...

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How Many Covid-19 Virus Mutations Are There?

The virus that causes Covid-19 is mutating—fast. Here's what that means for your risk of infection and symptoms.

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How to Keep Your Glasses from Fogging Up When Wearing A Face Mask

Foggy glasses are a pain, but trust us—Covid-19 is much worse. Here's how to keep your glasses from fogging...

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This New Covid-19-Related Disease Strikes Children

Some children exposed to the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 develop a dangerous inflammatory condition called MIS-C. Here's what doctors want...

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52 Things You Need to Know About Viruses

They're all around us, they're not really alive or dead—more zombie-like—and that's just for starters...

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Can Loud Talking Spread Coronavirus?

Sneezing and coughing can spread Covid-19. But what about talking, singing, chanting, and yelling? Here's what medical...

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13 Places Doctors Won’t Go During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Even if your state is reopening, Covid-19 is still a risk. These are the 13 public places doctors...

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10 Car Essentials for Driving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Going on a road trip or to the grocery store? These car essentials will help you stay prepared and safe...

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Coronavirus and Diabetes: 17 Things Doctors Need Everyone to Know

People with diabetes are at a higher risk of Covid-19 complications. Now there's evidence that Covid-19 might bring on diabetes....

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Coronavirus: Why Early Reopening Could Spell Disaster

As states reopen early they're seeing a jump in Covid-19 cases; experts explain why this could prolong the pandemic...

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7 Things You Should Know About the Cheap Drug That Fights Covid-19

There's a lot of enthusiasm about an inexpensive drug that appears to help save the lives of the sickest people...