Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are everywhere. Learn about infection symptoms, types of infections, prevention and more.

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How to Make Your Own Face Mask for Coronavirus Protection

Here's how to make an expert-approved, do-it-yourself (DIY) face mask to limit the spread of coronavirus and protect yourself from...

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What Coronavirus Experts Need You to Know About Covid-19 Treatments

Coronavirus experts explain the various potential treatments being suggested for Covid-19, from antiviral medications to drugs.

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Can Vaping Make Covid-19 Symptoms Worse?

Smoking and vaping are known to be bad for your lungs, and emerging evidence suggests they may impact the severity...

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8 Best At-Home Thermometers to Monitor Coronavirus Symptoms

Safely and accurately monitor Covid-19 symptoms, like a fever, with these best at-home thermometers, for children and adults.

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At-Home Covid-19 Tests Are Here, But Can You Trust Them?

The FDA has approved some at-home viral tests to detect the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. Here's what to know about...

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Does Washing Clothes Protect Against Coronavirus?

Health experts reveal whether washing your clothes can protect against Covid-19 and the precautions they take to prevent the...

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Wearing Gloves to Protect Against Coronavirus? Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong

Health experts provide the latest guidance when it comes to wearing gloves during Covid-19 for the general public

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Here’s the Right Way to Disinfect Your Phone to Kill Coronavirus

Health experts share their tips for how to safely clean and disinfect your cell phone, whether it's an iPhone or...

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Can You Get Coronavirus From Sex? What You Need to Know

Like everything, coronavirus is making sex more complicated

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Plasma From Covid-19 Survivors Could Be a Lifesaving Treatment

Medical experts discuss the risks and benefits of using donor plasma from Covid-19 survivors—a treatment known as convalescent plasma therapy—...

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Do High Blood Pressure Drugs Increase Your Coronavirus Risk?

Heart experts discuss whether certain drugs for high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases increase the risk of

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Coronavirus Quarantine: Is It Safe to Order from Restaurants?

Food experts reveal the do's and don'ts of ordering from a restaurant, whether it's delivery or pickup, during the

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9 EPA-Registered Coronavirus Cleaning Products

Disinfect your home safely and effectively during Covid-19 with these EPA-registered cleaning products that kill coronavirus.

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Think You Have Coronavirus? 9 Ways to Protect Your Family

Health experts reveal what to do if you, a family member, or a roommate is home sick with Covid-19....

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These People Are at the Highest Risk from Coronavirus

Some people are at greater risk of severe illness and death from Covid-19. Here are the high-risk categories for people...

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How Can I Prevent Coronavirus?

The global outbreak of coronavirus is spreading confusion along with the disease. As the number of Covid-19 cases rises,...

9 Ways Doctors Protect Themselves From Coronavirus

Doctors are protecting themselves from coronavirus and Covid-19 with time-tested hygiene practices, the same types of infection-control measures that everyone...

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Coronavirus in Wuhan: A Nurse’s Story on Getting Sick, Quarantine, and a Friend’s Death

"At first I didn't know anyone personally who had died," she says. "Now I don't know anyone who doesn't know...

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ER Doctors Couldn’t Figure Out Why This Man Had Awful Headaches

Sometimes, symptoms can be misleading—and that's where the trouble started for this man with a combination of viral meningitis and...

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Coronavirus and Travel: What This Woman Packed for the Covid-19 Outbreak

Vaccinations and first aid kit? Check. But what about protection from Covid-19 and the coronavirus? We asked medical professionals for...

These Are the Dirtiest Swimming Pools in America, According to the CDC

A CDC report sheds light on the dirtiest pools in America—and the dangers you might face when swimming in them.

Red Flags a Public Pool Is Too Dirty for Swimming

These quick, expert-approved tricks will keep you—and your fellow swimmers—healthy and germ-free this summer.

The Hidden Health Danger at Petting Zoos

While petting zoos are a lot of fun for families, if you don't take certain precautions, you could be putting...

11 Things You Didn’t Know Were Contagious

Germs aren't the only things you have to worry about "catching."

This Man Thought He Had the Flu. Months Later, He Could Barely Eat or Talk.

He was incredibly lucky to find a doctor who had seen his condition before.

14 Surprising Reasons You Might Not Be Able to Donate Blood

Donating blood is a generous—not to mention necessary—act, but there are several restrictions on giving that protect you and future...

12 Medical Conditions That Can Kill You in 24 Hours or Less

Some illnesses can kill in 24 hours or less. From stroke to mosquito-borne diseases, here's what you need to know.