7 Best Places to Get Personalized Face Masks

Ever wonder how to make a personalized face mask? Here's how to use a photo to get a custom-made face mask (like a person's face!) that you can give as a gift or wear yourself.

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The best personalized face masks

As Covid-19 cases are unfortunately on the rise yet again, it’s as important as it has ever been to be sure you’re wearing a face mask when you’re in a public setting or when you’re around other people.

Personalized face masks may be fun, but using one—personalized or not—is seriously important. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), wearing a face mask not only keeps you from spreading the virus, but it also provided some protection from exposure.

“While face masks are more effective at keeping others safe, wearing face masks still lowers the chance of contracting the virus,” says Niket Sonpal, MD, an internist and gastroenterologist at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Even if you feel fine, the CDC recommends you wear a mask in case you may be asymptomatic, meaning you have Covid but don’t have symptoms.

“Recently, the majority of those becoming infected with Covid-19 are asymptomatic, don’t know they’re sick, and are promoting the illusion that there’s no need to wear a mask,” says Dr. Sonpal. “This is creating ‘silent spreaders’ and perpetuating the pandemic.”

Covid-19 spreads from person to person through respiratory droplets, which travel through the air when we cough, sneeze, talk, shout, or sing, says the CDC. “These droplets can land on someone’s mouth or nose who is near you, or someone may breathe them in,” says Dr. Sonpal. “That is why wearing a mask is the most simple, yet effective method in preventing respiratory droplets from reaching other people.”

How to correctly choose and wear a face mask

With so many masks on the market, it can be hard to know which are most and least effective. “At a minimum, you want to make sure your mask is made with a breathable, tightly woven fabric, like cotton,” says Benjamin Barlow, MD, chief medical officer for American Family Care. “The mask should have at least two to three layers and an inner filter pocket. If you can see light pass through the material when you hold it up to a light, it is probably not the best choice.” Opt for a heavier option for better protection.

And keep in mind—a face mask is only effective if worn correctly. “It is imperative to wear your mask properly to ensure it protects you and those around you,” says Dr. Sonpal. “Ensuring that it is worn properly and fits comfortably also prevents contaminating the hands by having to constantly adjust it.”

One of the worst face mask mistakes is wearing it only partially covering the important parts of your face. You need the mask to entirely the nose and mouth, securing it under the chin, explains Dr. Sonpal. “Make sure it snugly fits around the sides of the face, and you should be able to breathe easily,” he says.

“The CDC does not recommend wearing a mask with exhalation valves or vents because the size of the vents or valves may allow respiratory droplets to escape and reach others,” says Dr. Barlow.

(Here’s the correct way to disinfect your reusable face mask.)

Why face masks are important

As cases surge, medical experts suggest that people need to be diligent about mask-wearing. More people are considering family get-togethers and moving activities indoors, so it’s key to wear a mask when you’re around others.

“During colder months, we tend to spend more time indoors, like around the holidays,” says Dr. Barlow. “Interacting with people indoors in places that are poorly ventilated could increase the risk of transmission, so it especially important to wear a mask in these scenarios.” (Here are expert tips to prep for the upcoming coronavirus pandemic winter.)

Yes, you can make your own face mask at home. But you can make wearing a mask fun by personalizing it with any of the below options. Here are ways to masks personalized with names, logos, sports teams, and more. Create one for yourself or your whole family.

zazzle-custom-masksvia zazzle.comZazzle Custom Face Mask

$10- $19 per mask

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Start by choosing your fabric from cotton, a cotton-poly blend, cloth with a filter slot, disposable, or disposable cotton. Then you can follow the steps to build your own Zazzle mask by personalizing colors and what you want on the front, including graphics and text. (Here are some face mask accessories you need, according to doctors.)

Vistaprint Custom Masks

custom face masksvia vistaprint.com

$13-$20 per mask

Shop Now

Promote your business, get all your employees matching masks with your company logo, or sport your favorite team’s logo on your mask when you make it on this Vistaprint website. You can even design the entire thing in Photoshop or Illustrator, and then upload the finished product to print on your mask.

Etsy Custom Face Mask Sellers

etsy custom face maskvia etsy.com

$9-$15~, Price varies depending on the seller

Shop Now

If you’re attending a small wedding, bachelorette party, or even just a holiday get-together with family and friends, matching face masks is always fun. From the bride or groom’s face, to each individual’s name, there are so many options, designs, and fabrics to choose from when you create personalized face masks on Etsy.

Costume Agent Store Face Mask With Design

amazon face maskvia amazon.com

$17 for one, $79 for five, $129 for 10

Shop Now

With two simple steps, you can design these masks any way you’d like them from the Costume Agent Store on Amazon. Simply upload your image, then add your text, and order as many as you need. They’re polyester on the outside and cotton on the inside.

Snapfish Custom Face Masks

snapfish face maskvia snapfish.com

Price varies based on design

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Create personalized face masks for everyone in your family as a holiday gift. Decide if you want adjustable ear loops, a slot for a filter, and then it’s all about the design. Use inspiration from the Snapfish website, or upload your own artwork. (Here are more holiday stocking stuffer ideas health and fitness enthusiasts will appreciate.)

Custom Ink Custom Face Masks

custom ink gaitervia customink.com

Price varies based on design, material, and amount of masks ordered

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Narrow down your custom face mask options by color, material, and product features like a filter pocket, a moldable nose bridge, adjustable ear loops, and a mask made in the U.S. You even have the option to personalize a neck gaiter for the winter months. Custom Ink is a great place to order in bulk.

Imprint Custom Face Masks

imprint custom face maskvia imprint.com

Price varies based on mask material, type, and amount ordered

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Depending on mask choice and material, you can get sets of Imprint personalized face masks for under a dollar per mask (the heftier the material, the more costly). Print your own smile, your favorite team, or your family name or crest. Gift them at your next small, socially distanced get together.

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