Anxiety can occur in more than just stressful situations. Learn about anxiety attack symptoms and causes.

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18 Things Doctors Wish You Knew About CBD for Anxiety

You can find CBD oil in lip balm and shampoo, pain relief products and pet treats: Most tout CBD's supposed anxiety-beating benefits. Learn the 18 things doctors wish you knew about CBD for anxiety before you dive in.

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9 Things About Getting Through the Holidays Only People with Anxiety Understand

The festive season can cause more than just extra angst for the 40 million Americans who suffer from an anxiety...

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Top Tricks from Therapists on How to Deal with Anxiety

What's one of the worst things about having anxiety? Worrying about how much you worry. Here's how to stop.

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7 Silent Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety

Your anxiety may be affecting your life—and your general health—more than you realize. Here are the warning signs.

11 Simple Tricks to Stop Yourself from Overthinking Everything

Thinking too much can trap the brain in a worry cycle. When you find yourself going round-and-round over an issue,...

I Had Anxiety for 30 Years—Till This One Eureka Moment Helped Me Recover

I tried to ignore my anxiety—then tried to solve the problem myself. But I finally found the one thing that...

8 Early Signs of OCD to Take Seriously

This destructive disorder can creep up on people. Familiarize yourself with the early symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder to help protect...

10 Things You Should NEVER Say to Someone Suffering with Anxiety

Even people with the purest intentions can really make a mess when they try to help—here's what to avoid, and...

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12 Medical Conditions That Could Cause or Trigger Anxiety

Everyone gets anxious from time to time. If you're constantly worried or on edge, you may have an anxiety disorder....

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15 Things About Social Anxiety Disorder Psychologists Wish You Knew

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) can be a truly debilitating condition. Here, top psychologists explain the symptoms, risks, and treatments of...

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12 Tiny Thoughts You Don’t Realize Are Triggering Your Anxiety

These common phrases aren't so innocent after all. In fact, they might be triggering your anxiety. Here's how you...

7 Reasons the Holidays Give You Anxiety—and How to Cope

It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of year, but it can also be the most stressful. According to...

What Your Nail-Biting, Hair-Twirling, Knuckle-Cracking Anxious Habits Are Trying to Tell You

Your need to chew gum as an adult might have originally been mouth-stretching as a child. Here's why that matters.

Stressing About Three Things at Once Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Anxiety

This anti-anxiety trick takes less than five seconds.

This Super-Common Habit Can Up Your Risk for Anxiety

Those dark circles under your eyes? They could be the shockingly simple reason for the antsiness you just can't shake.

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This Is What It’s Really Like to Have Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Yes, there is such thing as worrying too much—and it might be a sign you have this very common disorder

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10 Trusted Home Remedies for Natural Anxiety Relief

If anxiety is interfering with your life, consider these simple lifestyle changes that are potential home remedies for anxiety.

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I Went to a Social Anxiety Support Group. Here’s What Happened

This woman reveals her fears to strangers and learns a thing or two about what it means to grow.

Listening to This One Song Could Reduce Anxiety by up to 65 Percent

Looking for way to reduce anxiety and stress, sans medication? Look no further.

Scientists May Have Found the Root of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder—Here’s What You Need to Know

When you have OCD, your brain is literally under attack, says a new scientific study. The good news is that...

10 Small (but Effective!) Ways to Slay Social Anxiety

At home and on social media, you’re an extroverted rockstar. In public, you dodge eye contact and handshakes and get...

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9 Ways to Cope With Anxiety, According to Crisis Counselors

Crisis counselors and trained hotline volunteers help people with anxiety every day. Here are the coping mechanisms for

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A Science-Tested 10-Minute Anxiety Fix That Really Works

Some 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety. A 10-minute meditation may help people with anxiety perform better on tasks,...

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Cutting This One Thing from My Diet Helped Me Get a Handle on My Anxiety

For Alison Lundberg, cutting this vice out of her diet entirely was the key to calming anxiety after a family...

Can’t Fall Asleep on Sunday Nights? There’s a Scientific Explanation

So, it’s Sunday night. You crawl into bed and turn out the lights, but end up tossing and turning for